No wifi on my phone. everything else in house is on wifi

my phone says the wifi is saved but won’t connect on my home wifi. It only uses the cell. everything else in my home connects and uses the wifi. I’ve turned it off and back on and forgot the network and then added it again. it still won’t connect to wifi. However, it connects at my work with no problem.

What phone do you have? motoX pure

What plan are you on? my choice +1 gig

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

The next step is power cycling the home network. Even though everything else is attached it is fairly common for a wifi router to for some reason stop liking a particular device. Usually a power cycle of the network device (unplug, count to 10, plug back in) will resolve the issue.


Now it says This network has no Internet access.

Hold on…it just kicked in! Thanks for your help!


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