No WiFi Service

What phone do you have? Moto G Play
What plan are you on? Republic Wireless
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

Can’t get into WiFi due to weak signal

A few questions … answers will help provided more targeted feedback

  1. Has this every worked?
  2. What indication/notification is saying you have a weak signal?
  3. Can we assume this is your home WiFi?
    • If so then could you take a look at the Quick Start section of router tweaks ?

It has always worked before. This is at work. It worked at home last night but I couldn’t send message at a location where I didn’t have WiFi. Guestfield says signal strength poor.

The poor signal strength is at work WiFi.

WiFi is working with my fellow workers.

Texting doesn’t work either.

  1. I am not familiar with the term: Guestfield?
  2. Do your fellow workers have a Republic phone?
  3. When you tried to login/re-authenticate this AM what happened?
  4. If you go to Settings/Wi-Fi … how full is the WiFi symbol for your work SSID/Name?

numbered for ease of response, so you only need to respond once

  1. Guestfield is just the name of the WiFi location
  2. We all have different phones. I don’t know if any of them have a Republic phone.
  3. I don’t usually have to login when I enter the building. It just automatically “signs” me into WiFi. When I couldn’t
    send texts or get into Google, I checked my connection. That’s when I found out that the signal strength was
    poor and I couldn’t get WiFi. I rebooted my phone but that didn’t work. I cut off my WiFi connection credentials
    and reentered them. That didn’t work either.
  4. I’m not sure what you mean by this question. If it’s the cone shaped icon, it a little than a third full.
  1. I’m sorry. A little less than a third full.
  1. Just noticed that when connection goes from “connection” to “saved,” the icon is 3/4 full.

Your WiFi signal strength will be determined by your proximity to the WiFi transmitter location. I suggest you find out where the WiFi transmitter is located. Only then can you determine whether your signal strength is appropriate for the distance between you and the hotspot. Though, if you are standing next to someone who has a full WiFi signal and your phone a weak signal, either you’re not connected to the same WiFi signal, or there is something wrong with your phone. I doubt it is the latter. It is rare for a phone’s WiFi radio to suddenly reduce it’s ability to pull in a signal. It would be far more likely to fail completely. That, too, is rare.

If the signal strength has suddenly changed, it could be because they moved the transmitter or the WiFi antennae have been improperly angled. It is also possible that some dense object has been place adjacent to the WiFi antennae and that has “boxed in” the signal. There are a number of reasons why your WiFi signal strength may have gone down, and they would all be related to the WiFi hotspot, over which you have no control.

If your phone is not automatically logging you in to the WiFi, this might be due to a change in the password, or some other change to the hotspot. If possible, you should ask the network techs if anything has change that you should be aware of.

To help determine if the strange behavior of your phone’s WiFi connection is hardware or software related, you can always start the phone in Safe mode, which loads Android without any third-party apps running in the background that might interfere. If everything works as it should in Safe mode, but not in normal mode, you have a software issue.

Saved normally means that you have previously authenticated, but signal is too low to attempt connection.
This could be because of any of the things @beachb mentioned above.

  • I would try this next:
    • Settings/Wi-Fi
    • Press & hold the Router name/SSID and then ‘Forget’
    • Watch to see if it ever sequences beyond Saved
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