No working phone, I'm lost and don't understand

im completely lost i dont understand port and what all is suposed to happen i had the activation work last monday but im still waiting for it to go through i havnt had a working phone in weeks and just dont understand whats going on or if i can use my number or the new phone i bought from republic which i cant use yet but the return by date is going to be soon if theres a problem with it i did recieve a new sim card in the mail im not sure if i should try and activate that one its all very worrysome and frustrating

Hi @dennismk.lm7zys,

I’ve separated your post from the topic where you posted so we don’t confuse troubleshooting and questions and answers between two different people.

Can you tell us what is wrong with the phone you have?

We will be helping members with returns that extend past the 14 day money-back guarantee period, when any delay in using the phone was caused by our activation issues.

If you’ve already tried an activation, probably not, but let me look through your ticket history and see if I can better understand what’s already been done.

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im sorry im not real good at explaining myself typing.
my original phone stopped charging it was a moto g first generation so i bought a new one a moto g power both through republic who ive used for years

the new one wouldnt activate i was told id need a new plan so i bought a new plan on a new account with a differnt email address one of the hep desk people did waslk me through activating it typing apt in the apartment spot and it said the activation went though and woud take a few minutes but its been days

im not sure if i ■■■■■■■ it up because after a day when it didnt go through i did try activating it again

that was nt a swear word i promise

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It looks like the ticket you opened has gone unanswered for quite a while, and I apologize for that. There seems to be an issue with how it was assigned to one of our teams that made it fail to get their attention. I’ve asked them to please reply to you there at their earliest opportunity.

Please don’t try again with the new SIM card. Your number transfer experienced an error (the Help Team will give you more details when they reply) and our engineers will need to work with our new carrier partner to cancel that request so you can have a fresh start at it. I’ve asked our Help Team to go over the details with you so that when the engineers get everything cleared out, you’ll be prepared to try again.

I’m hoping engineering will be able to reset all of the number transfers that are still in this errored situation early during the coming work week.

so am i still looking at another week with out a phone?

My very best good-faith estimate would not be another week. If all goes well, I hope we’ll have a good path forward early in the week.

Have you tried a different charger with your Moto G 1st Gen? Sometimes it’s the charging cord, not the phone, that wears out first.

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ive tried multiple chargers i got it to charge just once since it stopped charging and it lasted not a full day the little white light in the corner often either comes on or blinks alot.

thank you for answering me i really appreciate it i mean i feel very irritated and upset over this whole thing just needed to feel like republic cares

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to feel irritated in these circumstances, and I’m truly very sorry we’ve not been able to get your new phone activated more quickly.

thank you southpaw I really appreciate that
republic is really lucky to have you working for them


I’m in the same boat. Been strung along now I’m stuck without a working phone!

Multiple support calls have not helped.

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Hi @michaels.0wm3na,

I’ve replied in your separate topic and will follow up with you tomorrow.

@nataliev.gfukwr, is the connectivity issue you’re describing specific to data, or is it affecting calls and texts? If it’s data, I suspect it’s a pretty easy fix, but I can’t check at the moment because our carrier is in “maintenance mode.” I’ll be glad to look into during business hours tomorrow.

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