Nobody can call me, always busy

Everybody who tries to call me has told my husband that they can’t get through to me–constant busy signal.

Every number I try to call, whether by clicking a contact or keying in the whole number, sends my call to the same wrong number, an answering service named ‘Claro’

HELP! My phone has become useless–Moto E4 Plus

Hi @pamelaw.hsct7l,

Please log into the account portal at and see if there is a message there for you.

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I’d also like to emphasize for anyone else finding themselves in this situation, that we send numerous E-mails to the E-mail address on file when we need to communicate with the account owner. If you did not receive any of those E-mails, you might consider making sure your account is associated with an E-mail address you monitor regularly. We often see people provide an E-mail address they typically use for junk mail, but we also know that some E-mail providers are notorious for failing to deliver our messages.


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