Noisy phone on calls

My phone makes loud noises while I am talking. Motog5

  • Could you make a determination if this occurs on Cell, WiFi or both?
  • A bit more descriptive problem statement … ‘loud noises’, are they pops, hisses, hum, or how would describe them?
  • Are you using the G5 handset? If so, do you have the same noise if you switch to speaker
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It happens on cellphone. A loud screech over and over.

  • Here are a couple of thoughts you may want to consider … perhaps something is causing a feedback loop (much like hearing aid screech many of us are familiar with)
  1. Defective Bluetooth headset or wired device
  2. Case the phone is being protected by
  3. Using Speaker instead of the handset itself
  4. Volume turned up too high

Hi @barbarak.5mnroi,
Were you ever able to tame your banshee phone? If so, please share with the community, it’s how we learn

No still noisy

Sorry to hear that, I just numbered the things to check in my entry above, could you double check and post back which you have eliminated/tried?

Cannot see the list that you refer to. I did try everything on your original list a couple of weeks ago. Removing the protective cover worked for a very short time and then the noise started again.

Does the screech sound like touch tones? Like someone is pushing the dialer buttons while you’re talking?

Sounds like you checked them, but here is a link to the entry

Not the sound

Of your list of four, none applies to my phone except the protective cover.

The screech lasts for at least a s cond. it comes back again. I am so disgusted that I am considering getting rid of the phone.

Maybe 30seconds

I don’t want to get rid of you, just republic and my phone if this cannot be corrected.

Have you tried making calls using speakerphone, or a wired headset? Does it make any difference as to the screeching? Have you tried putting the phone in safe mode and making a call?

Motorola offers some guided troubleshooting for call audio problems at the following link:

I don’t use headset or speaker or safe mode

When Safe Mode is recommended, it is always for problem isolation … not fixing and it should never be necessary as the ‘normal running mode’.
Its purpose is to prevent 3rd party apps from being loaded at boot up mode and conflicting with normal Android functions.

  • I would suggest you consider Safe Mode to help narrow this down

One more question. Do you believe this is related to call waiting? You asked another question in July that seemed to relate to the behavior of the phone while another call was incoming. I don’t believe there are any settings that are customizable with regard to call waiting:

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