Nokia 4.2 Microcenter says works on Republic

Microcenter sells the Nokia 4.2.
Their specs page says it works with Republic.

I assume this is a mistake?

The Nokia 2.2 at Micro Center’s site has the same notation. It would be nice to see, but no announcement of support has been indicated by Republic Wireless. Treat it as a typo for now.

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Thanks @SpeedingCheetah,

I’ve let my contact at Micro Center know that this phone is not supported by Republic Wireless.

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While we are truly delighted to see Micro Center include Republic Wireless in their supported carrier information, I suspect there are other phones listed on their site that are not supported. (This isn’t the first one we’ve seen.)

Perhaps we should have a little contest here to see who can find the most phones on their site listing us as a supported carrier in error! :smiling_imp:

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There are eight* of them that list Republic as a compatible carrier. Here they are:■■■■■■■■■■■■4294812074

*Six are available for shipping, There are another two available in-store only.

Thanks @cbwahlstrom, do you win all the local Easter egg hunts, too?

Nah. Boolean search strings are useless for that.


Hey, I used to work at Microcenter, as a Repair Tech…years ago.
The store i worked at, did, infact, sell some RW phones, the old legacy ones, at some point. I saw one floating around in the clearance section.

So, maybe their online people at Home Office for some reason, added on Republic to their site listings, cause the carrier is in their system also.

Yes, we did partner with them at one time with some of the legacy phones.

My contact has removed Republic Wireless from the eight phones @cbwahlstrom found and double-checked our compatibility list against inventory. I’m told it can take up to 48 hours for the changes to propagate, so we may still see the incorrect listings for a couple of days.

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That would be a short list, at least for selecting my local store.
They don’t sell many phones, just some of the top name ones and many iphones and those cheap BLU models.

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