Nokia (and other) phones please!


The new Nokia 6 has been released in the US and I hope RW is seriously considering adding it to their BYOD or selling it in their store. Nokia phones are Android One devices so are pretty much stock Android like Pixels and Moto phones. Yet they are updating their phones more reliably than Moto has been.

Would love more mid range choices that are not Moto or Samsung ( won’t buy Moto again due to poor software updates and dislike Samsung UI)

Moto X pure edition system updates

Agreed. Lenovo has really been stingy with updates and support lately.


Another thumbs up on the Nokia request.



I couldn’t agree more. RW, please give us more options than Motorola, as they have become the slowest manufacturer around to up date their phones. It is a shame that the Moto G5 plus just got Oreo 8.1, while makers are already pushing out Android Pie. I will forever love my 2nd Gen Moto X, but I will never again buy a product from Motorola. Bring on Nokia!!!


Folks, thanks for the engagement here and support for Nokia phones! We are always evaluating OEMs/devices that we currently don’t support and we really like what Nokia is up to. Being on Android One is a big plus, too. Speaking of, what are some of your favorite features?

Please add support for Nokia 6.1 phone

Android One, Zeiss optics, and affordability are all plusses. The Nokia 6.1 has a nice aluminum body. For some reason they decided to put a glass back on the Nokia 7.1 (bummer).


What I like about Nokia is that its an affordable mid-range phone that has stock android with consistent timely updates. Something Motorola can no longer can be counted on.
I also like the look of of the phone, it looks like a much more expensive phone. Also its guaranteed 3 years of support since its an Android One phone. With Pixels now costing a minimum of $800, Nokia is a more affordable option: for $350, I could still get 64gb of storage but get the added bonus of an SD card as well as stock android and the monthly updates.

Really hoping RW considers adding the Nokia to BYOD. Fingers crossed!


We’ve recently replaced an Ascend 5W that was no longer on Republic with the new Nokia 7.1 It is hard to beat the price/value. Strong mid-range processor, camera that punches above its weight, really excellent screen quality, fast charging, etc. Really you’re getting a phone that for the average user is just as good as a much more expensive device. We picked it up for $299 (64/4 version) which is really hard to argue with. I love the idea that it will get 3 years of security updates as opposed to the 5W which didn’t make it to 3 minutes, much less 3 years.


Thanks for the review. I have really been eyeing the 7.1. would live to know where were you able to get it for $299. I have my fingers crossed for a Black Friday sale


As you may have guessed, the 7.1 isn’t being used on Republic. Best Buy has a promotion with certain prepaid carriers where if you buy their refill card they give you $50 off the phone. So in my case I bought a $50 refill card and got $50 off the phone. I would have spent that $50 for my service anyway…


Let me pitch in with a vote for the Unihertz Atom. I really want a small phone that doesn’t eat up so much of my attention and time, but I really want to stay on RW. For the moment that means I’m using an ancient Moto E1… but it has so little storage space that I can’t even download basic everyday apps like Spotify.

I also really like the new Palm phone, but from what I understand, it is physically locked to Verizon. Dumb choice by the manufacturer, if you ask me.


Another shameless plug for Nokia’s lineup of Android One phones:

The fact that they are GSM-only shouldn’t be an obstacle for BYOP, right? As I understand it, all BYOP phones run via your GSM partner.


Indeed GSM only isn’t a hurdle as there are already numerous compatible phones that are GSM only. The issue is the software build, but IMHO since these are Android One phones, I don’t think that should be an issue either. I’m a big fan of the Nokia phones (We’ve recently moved by daughter to a 7.1 which is a fantastic mid-range phone) and I too hope Republic will find a way to support Android One phones in general.


One thing I learned was I don,t like all glass phones
I wish RW. would at least add the Nokia brand.
I am tired of motorola brand because of there un reliable updates.

Motorola announces the next phones in the Moto G series

Totally agree! I really wish Nokia phones would be allowed on RW. As Android One phones, I cannot imagine the software cannot be that much different than Pixels. And now Nokias are available on Verizon and Cricket Wireless so I hope that means the company is open to now selling on carriers.