Nokia phones seem good

Not to start another thread about stuff we have no control over, but Nokia smartphones seem to get good press.

Hi @dbrew,

I’ve moved your post to a topic of its own since I couldn’t figure out the relationship between your comment and our CEO’s announcement about DISH. Please let me know if I missed some context there.

We have a good working relationship with Nokia and have explored bringing some of their phones into our portfolio, but have been unable to do so, so far.

Is there a specific Nokia phone or something in particular you’ve read about them that sparks your interest?

Yes, thanks. I posted this in response to your question back to one of our members. No matter. In my post I hyperlinked to an article in the Wirecutter, recommending the Nokia smartphone as the best inexpensive Android phone. I don’t know how out of date that article was, but usually look at the Wirecutter when making a purchase.

Thanks for the context I had missed, @dbrew. I’d have probably still moved the conversation to its own topic since that Dish announcement is already pretty busy. Totally missed the link as well. I think it’s time for me to step away from the keyboard…

The article you linked is focused on the Nokia 6.2, and lists the Moto G Power (which we do support) as a good second-place option. I think if someone is considering the two phones as equals worth comparing, then I’d argue that the additional CDMA potential and much more budget-friendly price tag gives the G Power the edge in that race. I haven’t studied the Nokia 6.2’s specs, though, so maybe they aren’t really an equal comparison?

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