I recently downloaded the free app for nomorobo from google play to stop a recent increase in spam/telemartketing/scam/nuisance calls AND IT WORKED!!! It is intercepting all calls that are not in my programmed numbers. The ones that are contained in their database they intercept after 1 ring and stop them… ahhhh, what a relief! The ones I don’t have and they don’t have programmed, they ask to categorize! It’s wonderful!


Hi @sweetmuseek,

Is the app out of beta? I ask because a play store search doesn’t produce a link to it: nomorobo - Android Apps on Google Play. And, there’s this from Nomorobo itself: Sign up for the Nomorobo Mobile Preview :: Nomorobo.

I use Nomorobo on a fixed line VoIP phone and like the service, so would be inclined to check it out.

I use the Nomorobo service with Ooma VoIP. I, too, would like to make this service resident on my mobile phone. @sweetmuseek, can you provide a link to the app?

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