Non-Contract number transfer

Helping a friend move to Republic…She was a non-contract user at Verizon, and has no clue as to what her account number (no account!) and pin number. Suggestions, or any other info at all.


Taken from the Republic document Number Transfers

Before you submit your number transfer request, you’ll need to gather some information about your account with your other provider. Each provider will need the following info:

  • The phone number you’re transferring.
  • Your account number with your other provider.
  • Your PIN number or password with your other provider.
  • Your billing address with your other provider.

Number Transfers

You can find your account number on your bill or by signing into your online account.

Enter the security password you use when you call Verizon customer service.

If you need help getting any of this info, please contact Verizon at 800-922-0204.

A non-contract, monthly user…she has none of the things you are asking for…

She will then need to contact Verzion to obtain the information RW needs to port her number. You may be able to help her gather the required information.

If by non-contract monthly user, you mean she’s with Verizon Prepaid, actually she does, they just don’t advertise it. Please see here:


I remember a good bit of that information used to be available on RW’s own website porting information.


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That information is still here but never covered every service provider out there. While Republic provides information for Verizon, Verizon Prepaid is different from Verizon Wireless proper. In and of itself, there’s nothing unusual about prepaid and postpaid service being treated differently by the same provider.

The Republic Wireless Wiki article I referenced (and the Wiki itself) is a long-standing cooperative effort by various members of the Community to augment information supplied by Republic itself. More about the Wiki here: Check out the latest content at the Republic Wireless Wiki.

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FYI your “here” link leads me to Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help and no porting information except for a few links at the page bottom which don’t provide the expanded information previously available. Thanks.


Link corrected. In any event, finding the information you reference is a simple matter of searching documentation.

Thanks again! for the info…

Just saying RW used to provide much more information on their own website for those porting a number in. It gave members much of the same information provided in the Wiki link you provided.

Finding the information by searching may be easy for you but it’s not easily found by many members unless they know to add wiki as a search term. Wading through hundreds of search returns is not a fun time for most.


I’m afraid you are incorrect about that. The corrected link my previous post points to is all the documentation, Republic historically had on its website. I put together the Wiki article precisely because it is not realistic to expect Republic (or anyone) to document the porting requirements for every service provider. There are literally hundreds of MVNOs in the U.S. I can only presume Republic chose to document those from whom folks ported most frequently. For what it’s worth, there are now various support notes with information about additional providers.

Then, Republic offers How to Get Help from Republic Wireless – Republic Help including this Community where friendly folks like you and me may answer the question.

I missed that you had corrected the link in your previous reply and may have been mistaken about previous information provided. I seem to remember seeing additional MVNOs such as Virgin Mobile when viewing RW’s information in the past when Fi was just in the dream stages. Historical documentation has changed over RW’s history and unlike in the past we are now unable to see the change history.

It would be helpful to add port to the title and body text of your link Information Needed to Transfer Your Number – Republic Help for those who do take the initiative to use search. Adding a link to the Wiki in RW’s document would also be of help to members. Would you please pass along those suggestions to @BenG.


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