Non Google phone apps

What phone do you have? Pixel 4a

What plan are you on? $25 mo.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
All of these

Issue Description

Voicemails are received if I dial into the Republic voicemail number but otherwise I don’t get a notification and I don’t see the voicemails listed under the voicemail tab. It just shows me that there are no messages. I’m wondering if it’s possible to install other phone apps for voicemail in order to start receiving them again on the pixel 4a. I’ve tried doing the work arounds suggested by Republic for this problem but neither one of them restores my actual voicemail receipts for more than 5 minutes. I’m wondering if it’s a pixel problem in general since I have seen users with other carriers on forums complaining about the same issue .

Hi @gwennh,

I don’t think it’s a Pixel problem, as we’re also seeing Motos with the same issue. I think it’s a problem in the Phone app itself.

I’m not aware of any alternate phone apps that work with our service, and there are none we officially support. Perhaps someone will chime in with a suggestion, though.

If you’re looking for a workaround, have you considered forwarding your voicemail to Google Voice or YouMail? (I have personally not tried YouMail, but I’ve seen others here mention it. I use Google Voice.)

I’ll try that, thanks. Really shame on Google for not fixing this.

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