None of my saved mp3 files can be played normally all of a sudden

I don’t know what happened, but my saved mp3 files in my phone are not playable in my player (they’re not showing up) and the podcasts I downloaded are not able to be played (Podcast Republic app). The files are still there in the downloads folder and I can play them on that crappy floating player thingy, but I can’t open them in any other players like Google Music.

I have a Moto G (4th Gen) phone with My Choice + 3GB. I’m thinking it’s some kind of update or something. So far I have reset permission to the apps, as well as the bluetooth and wi-fi. That didn’t do anything. I’ve been messing around with the phone and all I can think of is to do a factory reset to see if that fixes it. I really don’t want to do that and hope someone can help me figure this out.

Hi @mia1203,

Don’t rush into a factory reset. That will erase your stored music files from the phone.

Has your favorite music player had a recent update, or is one pending?

I didn’t want to do a factory reset, but that seems to be the only way I can see to fix it. It can’t be an update from a player because it is happening across players. When I open Google Music as well as my MP3 player I typically use, my mp3’s are absent from my choices of media to play. This wasn’t the case last week. Anytime a new mp3 was downloaded, it would show up in recent.

As for erasing my audios, that’s not really that important, because I can download them again. I don’t have hundreds of files on my phone. What’s more important is that I have the normal functionality of my audios. I typically listen and delete. The few that I want to keep on my phone are easy to download again.

Hi @mia1203

Can you please boot your phone into Safe Mode ?

You won’t be able to use the third-party music player but Google Music Play should work. Do you see the music files then?

After checking you can reboot your phone to exit Safe Mode.

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Can you tell us more about the floating player? Is this another app? Perhaps disabling that app would release the player permissions back to other players.

Johnny5, I tried the safe mode option and no, the files are not visible.

amitl, the floating player is the default player that comes up when you go to your download section and tap it. It’s a little player that comes up and you can only press pause and use your finger to fast forward or rewind (not easily)

Add imag


. It also can disappear easily when you navigate to do other things. This is why I prefer to use a different player I downloaded. I also don't care for the google one.

In browsing through the reviews for the Podcast Republic app…here’s what I found as a response from Podcast Republic to one of the reviews that had similar issues about not being able to play downloaded content

Sorry to hear that. Please open any file manager app and then rename your current download directory to another name. Then go to the app settings to set the download directory to that renamed directory. That should make the download directory accessible again. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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You may want to uninstall/reinstall Google Music and your MP3 player.

If that doesn’t help there are other music players available in the play store that may get you on track by searching your device for the files.

I’ve used Rocket for several years with no hiccups. Onkyo works fine too.


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@mia1203 Are you still having this issue?

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