Not a question - just how cool is Republic Wireless?!

So, I’m just getting around to this, but I tried to win a free month by responding to the “Share your Wireless Savings Story” post probably around 6 months ago. In my post, I detailed how having Republic has allowed me to stay at home with my new baby girl AND have a smart phone. Well, don’t you know I didn’t win, but I did receive a handwritten card congratulating me on our baby girl and a republic onesie!!! What company does that these days??!!

I love Republic so much - and take every opportunity I can to recommend to others!

Thanks, Republic, for being a company with heart <3


Well, don’t you know I didn’t win

Are you aware of the Community Challenges? Often, there are not many participants, meaning your chances of winning RW gear and other items will be good.

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