Not a RW question but.... Saved wireless networks didn't move to new phone

For some reason, I changed phones and got everything working but adding my Google account didn’t move my list of saved wireless networks (passwords etc) for me or my wife. We both moved from Moto Z Play phones to Samsung A52 5g phones.
She doesn’t have many saved WLANs and doesn’t care, I do and DO care but can’t find anything online that works. Everything else previously saved to our Google accounts “migrated” as soon as we signed in on the new phones.
Any clue what’s going on? Google seems to think it’s saving my wireless logins but they didn’t make it to my new phone.
Just curious if anyone has any suggestions.

Good day,
I’ve always done a backup/restore, with WiFi setting moving successfully.

Exactly what I did and everything “moved” over to the new phone on both of ours except the saved wireless network list. Unfortunately there is no granular setting even in the Google 1 app to force a backup sync on just the saved wireless network list.
So odd.
We have a disposable cheapie phone here and I’m going to try to add my Google account to that (totally different phone, different android version, no carrier) just to see if the wireless networks sync to that from my old phone. At least then I know it works on some different device.

Was this move to a 5.0 Account? (from My Choice)

No, this isn’t a RW issue and hopefully my post didn’t read that way. My wife has AT&T (direct, no MVNO). Both of us just moved our old SIM cards over to the new phones.
It’s weird.

Appreciate the responses though!

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