Not able to find cell network

Entire family is using Moto E(4) for phones. Each of us has talk/text plus 1GB/mo of data.

So, we just drove from our home market (Denver) to Des Moines, IA and I am seeing inconsistent behavior between our phones. Between Denver and Des Moines is mostly desolate, so not a big surprise we had spotty (data) coverage a lot of the way. But now that we are in Des Moines, my wife’s and my daughters phones are happily back on the LTE network - full talk, text, and data with solid signal strength - whereas my phone is essentially a brick! It claims to not be able to find the cellular network at all and advises me to find a WiFi network. At our hotel, that’s easy…when we are out and about, less so!

I’ve rebooted a couple times and also checked for system updates. The only real difference I can think of is that, during the road trip, I briefly put my phone in airplane mode as my battery was getting very low and I was suspicious that what was draining it might be my phone desperately searching for towers. And, yes, the phone is now off airplane mode! :slight_smile:

Any advice on what I could do to get my phone “seeing” the same towers as my wife and daughters phones do?

This sound like your phones are on different cell partners
IA does not currently have much coverage for the GSM partner which I guessing is what happen here
if you dial *#*#786#*#* in the phones dialers and report happens
if the screen clears then the phone is configured for the GSM partner (T-Mobile)
If you get a SprintDM menu then the phone is on CDMA partner (Sprint)

if this is a carrier partner coverage issue it would take a support ticket to request a SIM for the other partner

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Exact message:
No network connection
You do not have access to cellular networks

On the phone that is having the issue can you please go to Settings – About Phone and tell us what is says there for Build Number or Version?

Thank you - ran that test on both my phone and my wife’s phone, same behavior on both (screen cleared)

Build number on both my phone and wife’s is:


Please see here:


Holy smokes, system update w/sim removed fixed it! Had to go through multiple update cycles to get caught up, but back in business!

Thank you so much to everyone who chimed in - you are awesome!!!


Hi @nickh.dj6xkh,

Please go ahead and proactively update the other two E4s in the family while you’re on Wi-Fi, so they don’t experience the same issue.


Yes, I plan to at our very next stop!

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