Not able to receive or make calls when off of wifi

I have an OnePlus 6T
What phone do you have?
1GB data with talk and text
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Issue Description

I am not able to make or receive calls when I’m not on wifi? I have an OnePlus 6T model A6013.
Over wifi works fine.

Hi @msp1984 and welcome to the Community!

This is often a coverage issue. To that end, if you’re comfortable sharing, may we trouble you for a zip code (nothing more) for the purpose of ascertaining coverage quality in your area?

May we also know if this is a new issue or did the OnePlus 6T previously work when away from WiFi?

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I’m at work and the zip code is 65251. My phone show 4G LTE full bars.

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Also I’ve noticed that my Republic icon on the top isn’t colored in like it was before. :frowning:

When I swipe down it states “On Cell…Connected to the cellular network”
I am unable to connect to wifi at work.

Hi @msp1984,

I’m inclined to believe your experience is indeed a coverage issue. Looking at the map for Republic’s GSM network partner (T-Mobile) coverage is “fair” interspersed with areas of no coverage. Republic’s GSM partner describes fair coverage as “Cell reception outdoors and occasionally indoors”.

Is the coverage OK at home? Did you recently upgrade a previous Republic phone to the OnePlus 6T?

Just switched from Boost to Republic. Numbers ported last night. I had no trouble at home with wifi, but not working now without wifi.

Hi @msp1984,

I don’t think this one can be solved using the OnePlus 6T with Republic. Boost uses Sprint’s network for cellular coverage. Republic provisions the OnePlus 6T for cellular coverage with its GSM partner (T-Mobile) whose coverage in the zip code you provided is, candidly, lousy.

Republic also partners with Sprint for cellular coverage with Sprint on some compatible phones. Unfortunately, the OnePlus 6T is compatible only with GSM networks and Sprint’s network is CDMA.

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So if I want to stay with Republic I need a different phone??

My husband has a Samsung Galaxy S8. Will his phone work??

Hi @msp1984,

I’m afraid the answer on needing another phone for a quality coverage experience with Republic is yes. The S8 is a potential option as there are both Republic compatible and incompatible S8 variants in the market.

The easiest way to see if your husband’s S8 would be compatible is to install Republic’s app:

If the S8 is compatible, the app will invite you to buy a SIM. Please don’t do that as the SIM it wants to sell you provides the same not so good coverage you’re experiencing on the OnePlus 6T. If your husband’s S8 is compatible, let us know and we’ll provide further insight.

Just talked with him and no luck with calls away from wifi at home :frowning: Zip is 65077. Looks like we will have to go back to Boost :frowning: Thank you so much for your help.

Hi @msp1984,

If he’s using the S8 on Republic, it’s possible to get the same coverage (Sprint network) offered by Boost for the S8. Here’s how on that:

His S8 is CDMA (Sprint network) compatible. Alas, your OnePlus 6T is not CDMA compatible. You would need one of these phones:

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This would be an entirely different problem from the discussion on Sprint/T-Mobile.

  • All phones on Republic are capable of working with a WiFi connection to the Internet, however many business firewalls will block users from using VoIP.
  • Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide has a section where the requirements are laid out … see Required Ports & Protocol

He has tried the phone at home with no luck. We can message or text but can’t call without WiFi. I guess as much as I hate to we will have to go back to Boost. :frowning:

Hi @msp1984,

Please allow me to try again. Republic offers multiple coverage options for your husband’s Samsung Galaxy S8. Republic provisions phones for coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile. The other partner operates a CDMA network and is Sprint (same as Boost).

Presuming you purchased Republic’s standalone SIM for use in your phones, it provides GSM (T-Mobile) coverage. It’s possible to switch your husband’s S8 to CDMA (Sprint) but doing so requires a different SIM as outlined in the Help Center article I referenced in an earlier reply. For convenience, I’ll do so again here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help. A Republic CDMA SIM would give your husband the very same coverage he had with Boost.

Were you using the OnePlus 6T with Boost? I ask because, to the best of my knowledge, OnePlus phones are GSM network only and, therefore, cannot work with Boost or other CDMA service providers.

Going back to Boost I guess. I can’t use the phone at home if not on wifi :frowning:

I understood that your WiFi calling works at home but not at Work … that was the problem I was trying to help with above.

No. I bought the One Plus to use with Republic. It was an unlocked phone from T-Mobile

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