Not able to receive or make calls when off of wifi

Hi @msp1984,

Thank you for that additional context! It’s possible Republic shipped the G7 Power with a GSM SIM, which would provide the same not so good coverage experience you’re having with the OnePlus 6T.

If that turns out to be the case, unlike the OnePlus 6T, the Moto G7 Power can be switched to CDMA provisioned coverage (which would be the same Sprint network you had with Boost). If necessary, you may request a switch to CDMA provisioned coverage as documented by Republic here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help.

Can I request a CDMA sim now or do I have to wait? I’ve already been without a phone for a while now.

Hi @msp1984,

You’ll need to wait as it’s possible the G7 Power already shipped with CDMA provisioned coverage rather than GSM. Additionally, there is information from the phone required to pair the CDMA SIM with the phone. Again, this is applicable only if the phone should arrive with GSM provisioned coverage.

Okay. Thank you for all your help. :slight_smile:



If you’ll let me know as soon as you get a tracking number for your new Moto G7 power, I’ll take a look at the order, and if it shipped with a GSM SIM card, I’ll send a CDMA SIM card right on its heels.


Thank you so very much.

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OOOPs…the CDMA sim card arrived. I thought it was the one for my husband because his was ordered before mine. I guess it was for my phone. Will it be okay using it in his phone??

thanks to the CDMA partner there are different CDMA SIMs, and the Samsung S8 uses an iSIM (has a C2 on the SIM) while the Moto G7 Power uses a SIMOTAv2 SIM (has a C4 on the SIM) , so if this is for the your phone it can only be used on your phone)

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I’ve already activated his phone with this sim. What do I do now?

If it activated with the SIM then it had to be the SIM for that phone. The other SIM simply wouldn’t have worked in that phone.

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Okay. The tracking number for my sim said that it was delivered yesterday. ??

Hi @msp1984,

I’ll send you the tracking number for the SIM card I shipped for you, by private message, outside of public view. It does not show it has been delivered yet, but this isn’t info our Community members would have available for you.

Okay. Thank you

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