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transfer info bought a motoX (1st. Gen) when I first signed up with RW. I resided in 33040 zip code, and the reception was excellent. I wanted to get another, but discovered that model is no longer offered by RW, though I have located 3rd party vendors with the same new/unlocked models for sale.

Understanding that the ‘byop’ Is an option, providing I acquire an RW SIM card, I am puzzled at the warning that said combination is not approved for reception in that very same zip code?

I also understand that the “new and improved” moto X is enthusiastically supported, but the size difference between the 2 models makes all of the accessories I presently have obsolete, which relegates invested $$$$ into unusable trash and necessitates more acquisitions. As I am opposed to such waste, I would prefer to know why a ‘winning’ item that has served me well for a number of years is suddenly invalidated where it served me so well and faithfully.

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The message that you’re getting means that Republic does not think the gsm network partner has good coverage in your area. Currently byop is only available with the GSM partner. You’re Moto gen first X from Republic uses the CDMA partner. In addition it is not possible to bring your own Moto X 1st generation, unless it is the Republic Wireless specific Moto X 1st generation and in addition, then the byop sim won’t work because they only apply to the new phones.

Republic Moto X 1st Gen is a custom ROM version (for Republic hybrid VOIP/Cell system) to be used on the 1.0 unlimited plan or the 2.0 Refund plan was only build for about 1 year (Nov 2013 to about Nov 2014) Republic ran out of stock in February 2015

the unlock version is not compatible does not have the Custom ROM for the 1.0/2.0 plans and will never see the need OS from Motorola to meet the 3.0 requirements for Republics hybrid VOIP/Cell system

That is regrettable.

Two wo questions, if you would:

a. Are there similar limitations to a ‘byop’ moto X (pure) model?

b. Are there any available, endorsed phones from RW or 3rd party vendors that are same-sized to the moto X 1st. Gen) and communication-endorsed for zip code 33040?

the Newer phones (3.0) do not have the same issue as they are unlock version that are unmodified from the OEM, (Google made core changes to the OS in 6.0 and above and now Republic can do it’s Hybrid VOIP/Cell without make a custom OS) But Republic only approved and allow the North American Factory Unlock Models and not the carrier built or international versions Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs | Bring_Your_Own_Phone_FAQs

Right now the BYOD phones are GSM (Republic new network partner T-Mobile) which from Republic is indicating in it’s coverage check does not have good coverage in that area code, current the only way to get the old coverage is with phones purchased from Republic that have the CDMA radio it old network partner uses (Sprint)

Moto X Pure, Moto G4, Moto G4 Plus, Moto G4 Play, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are the phones that have the CDMA radios while the following Do NOT Moto Z, Moto Z play, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy J3, and the Huawei Ascend 5W so they would not be a good one to buy

of the CDMA compatible phones the Moto G4 Play would be the smallest (though still a bit larger that the 1st Gen Moto X) the industry just doesn’t seam to want to make a smaller phone anymore

Are you stating that RW will provide a SIM card for a BYOP Moto X (Pure) that will enable CDMA via Sprint for 33040?


What I’m saying is if you buy a CDMA compatible phone from Republic using that ZIP in the coverage check (or on the Phone page) it would come configured as CDMA (Sprint)

All BYOD are GSM [T-Mobile] at this time and it not looking like a good fit for your area

brookeb.1ca721 wrote:

Are you stating that RW will provide a SIM card for a BYOP Moto X (Pure) that will enable CDMA via Sprint for 33040?

At this time RW can only provide GSM network SIM cards to BYOP customers. The same model phone if purchased from RW may come with a CDMA card.

If you would like a similarly sized phone take a look at the G4 Play which will be “$129 from 3/12 through 3/18” and don’t fear the reasonable price.

Thanks, William, I was led to believe that the G4 Play would not function in the 33040 zip code, was I misinformed or did I misunderstand?

The tools looks like it thinks so:

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