Not getting calls from other RW phones

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Samsung Galaxy S7
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Unlimited talk & Text
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Issue Description

Over the last few weeks I have only rarely been getting calls from my family members, all of whom use Republic on various phones. I don’t even get a missed call notification when they call. If the manage to leave a voicemail, I don’t get it until hours later. Sometimes the calls do go through, but I often can’t hear the other person or vice-versa.

On a possibly unrelated note, I often don’t get texts from other RW numbers until hours later either. (If this issue doesn’t get fixed here, I’ll make a new thread.)

All of my problems started around the time that I decided to switch to a different carrier. Terrible decision, I know. A few weeks in to that (whist having a bunch of issues), I switched back to Republic. Since then I have been having these issues. Is there some obscure setting that is making it not work right with the RW app? I have checked, and my RW app is up to date and so is my phone (though I’m still stuck on Android 8).

Thanks for the help!

Hi @garrettr.jp1qnb and welcome to the Community!

Would you be willing to share how long ago the switch back to Republic occurred?

Meanwhile, I suggest starting here:


That guide worked for me, thanks!

I think it was because my Republic app was optimized for battery saving, so it wasn’t running during my phone calls. I’ve been using for about a week now and haven’t had any issues with it.

You saved me from needing to buy a new phone. Everyone around me was saying that is what I would need to do. Thanks for proving them wrong!


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