Not getting calls

What phone do you have?
Samsung J3
What plan are you on?
Talk and Text
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

My calls are going to voicemail. I have updated the RW app. It helped for about a week. Now I am not getting any calls. What can I do? My family is sending me messages through another app to let me know that their calls are not going through.

Hi @meishad.pwdnnz,

Do you see a “missed call” notification, or just the voicemail notification?

Are you getting any calls at all?
Are you able to make calls?

There are no missed call notifications. I only know that there has been an attempted call when someone leaves a voicemail.

I have not gotten any calls in the last three days. Yes, I am able to make calls.

Thanks @meishad.pwdnnz,

Would you mind sharing the Zip code where you’ve been these last three days?

Have you done any testing in different locations? For example, if the problem is happening on your Wi-Fi network, have you tried just using cell, or tested on a different Wi-Fi network? If it’s happening on cell, have you tried going at least five miles away to see if calls come through there?

Do you have any apps on your phone that claim to improve battery life, “clean” the phone, or make it perform better?

Hi @meishad.pwdnnz
Your issue reminds me of what was happening to my phone.

It’s something else to think about while you try what @southpaw has posted above.

Hi @meishad.pwdnnz,

I see you’ve opened a ticket for staff assistance with this issue. In order to be sure that Community does not offer you advice that might conflict with the troubleshooting being done by staff, I’m going to close this topic to prevent further replies.

Your ticket is currently awaiting your response and is available to you by logging in at Our support team is eager to assist, and just needs some additional information from you to continue troubleshooting toward a solution.

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