Not getting notifications for texts


Sometimes someone sends me a text message, but their is no notification, either audible or on screen. I have to open the messaging app to see if there have been any text messages. I would like to know why I don’t always get notifications


@johnt.oo7g3q, can you tell us what model phone you have and the app you are using for texting? Most often notifications is turned off in the settings of the app you are using for texting.


Go into Settings > Apps (or Apps & notifications), select your messaging app, and make sure notifications are enabled.


Using Moto G3, and the texting app that comes standard with the Republic app. Notifications is definitely turned on. I get notifications most of the time but not 100%, which means if I want to be sure, I have to do the extra step of opening the app and looking to see if there are any new messages. Since it’s the Republic app, Republic should tell me what conditions cause notifications not to be triggered.


Hi @johnt.oo7g3q,

There’s no text messaging app that “comes standard with the Republic app.” If you’re using Messaging :messaging: that came on the phone, it is no longer receiving updates, as Google has shifted their interest to their newer Messages by Google :messages:
Or perhaps you’re using Republic Anywhere :anywhere:?

One thing I’ve noticed on the Moto G3 is that I must exit the current conversation in the messaging app in order to receive notifications. If I simply turn off the screen but leave the messaging app up with the latest conversation, then I do not receive a notification where there are additional replies on that same conversation.


Well, if it’s not a standard app, it was on the phone when it came to me from Republic! It is Messaging. The point is, it works erratically. If it’s a Google app, then I’ll look to getting another one.

Also, it occurs when the messaging app is closed and put away. And it’s not consistent in performance.

Looks like I’ll be dumping it, thanks for the heads up.



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