Not getting Notifications quickly

Yesterday I posted about not getting text messages. Well today now pretty much all notifications are taking anywhere from 6-12 minutes to get. I have a tablet on same wifi. I’ll get a notification on my tablet then about 6-10 minutes later get in on my phone. Tablet has no kind of 3g it’s a wifi only tablet.

Interested in the response - 6-12 minutes would be nice for me… mine are coming in days later, if at all.

I have 2 active devices. One on R.W and one on Sprint post paid.

Most of the time, the R.W phone gets notifications from apps like FB, Twitter, Discord, etc before my Sprint one does. Though it has never been more that a couple min difference. Even having “Data Saver” enabled on the R.W. phones does not slow or inhibit app notifications.

I havn’t had any delays in text messages on either phone.

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