Not happy with Nexus 6P...and now it has a $140 price drop!

So I broke my Moto X (2G) last month. I loved that phone and the great plan I’ve had since I’ve been a member going on 5yrs. For some reason I decide to spend over $500 on the 32G Nexus 6P. After I get it I realize I need a new limited plan, and it costs $10 more a month. OK. My mistake. But I figure I’ll probably like the phone/plan better. Within the month’s time I realize the phone sucks compared to my Moto (on many levels that would be off topic here). Ok, too late to return because 14 days is up. My Bad. Again. So I feel it’s at least my duty to go and rate the phone so people don’t go regretting it like I did. …Nowhere can I find a place to rate it. Nowhere. But what I do find is that they’ve dropped the price on the phone $140 ! in a month! and all at once! and it looks like that’s for the 64G too! (must have sold out of all those 32Gs). And I’m stuck with this phone I don’t like AND paid WAY too much for!



I can definitely understand. However, it is fairly standard for a phone to be discounted as it gets older. As the technology gets older, the prices come down accordingly. That being said, you may want to check your credit card benefits. Sometimes, if you paid with a credit card, they will have a price rewind option. This option will most likely reimburse you the difference. Sorry about your experience! If you would like, you can tell us some of the issues you are having. We may be able to help to a degree .



first create a ticket with Republic and ask if they will credit the difference (they have don that in the past for recent purchase before a price drop) it doesn’t hurt to ask

there still a 32 GB version Aluminum (Just not in graphite)

the 32 GB price drop was $100 (to $399 from $499)

the 64 GB price drop was $140 (to $409 from $549)

the 128 GB price drop was $200 (to $459 from $649)

For what it’s worth, I too moved from a Moto-X (2nd gen) to a Nexus 6P. I loved the Moto, and in fact it trickled down to my wife, to replace her Moto-G (1st Gen) and she loves it as well. That said, I also love my Nexus 6P. I love getting the latest version of Android OS when it is released, rather than waiting for the vendor to decide when (or if) I will get it. I love the fingerprint sensor. The camera is great. The phone is fast. The screen is gorgeous. Absolutely fantastic phone.

Unfortunately, some folks are having echo problems with this phone. If you were one of them, you wouldn’t be singing the praise.

Callers hear echo when I’m connected to wifi. Fix?

Not sure what point you are trying to make. I didn’t say that I don’t believe that he is having problems with his phone. I simply wanted to balance that with my experience. The OP stated that he wanted to post a review of the Nexus 6P “…so people don’t go regretting it like I did”, and I simply wanted to share with readers of this thread that not all Nexus 6P users regret their purchase.

I’ve owned enough phones on enough different carriers over the years to understand that for any phone/carrier you will find both satisfied and dis-satisfied customers. I have personally been on both ends of that spectrum, so I can certainly sympathize with the OP. Still, I feel that some balance is appropriate.


Prices on phones drop. $140 difference or $1400 difference in price, what does it matter? You agreed to purchase the phone at the particular price you did.

Hi @shting,

I wish we could price-guarantee all purchases forever, but somehow that’s not a business model anyone wants to take me up on. I do know how disappointing it is when you buy something and the price drops just a month or so later.

At some point, usually around the 1-month mark, you may get an invitation by E-mail to review the phone. Marketing then selects those reviews to feature, but I don’t know anything about that process. Please feel free to write up your concerns and experiences with the Nexus 6P here in Community. Like you, we want our members to make informed decisions, and the more specific you can be about what you like and don’t like, the more you’ll help others. What is a dealbreaker for some people is a feature others never use, so the details make a great deal of difference when you write a review. You’re also in a great position to compare the phone to the X2 and G1, which would help people here who may be considering a similar upgrade. In fact, if I stare deep into my crystal ball, I can almost see you happily wearing a Republic Wireless T-shirt after writing a helpful, detailed review about the Nexus 6P here in Community.

I’m wondering, however, if some of your disappointment in the phone might be coverage-related rather than hardware-related. I’ve found the ticket you opened based on @drm186’s advice, and I’ll follow up with you there to see if we could look into exploring whether coverage might be a factor.


I feel your pain. I also had a Nexus 6P, emphasis on had. Broke the screen and had it repaired locally so that I wasn’t without a phone for who knows how many weeks, then it began rebooting randomly until it was no longer random – It rebooted every time I tried to use it! Just received my new Moto. I won’t be buying Nexus anymore!

Thanks for listening; I appreciate the having the chance to vent. I will take a few minutes tonight and open a new discussion about my month of experience with the phone/service itself-- totally out of character for me actually, but I will do my best to help-my brothas and sistas out. Which is what I like to do with my time .

This is the polar contrast to my experience. We now have 4 Nexus phones in my family (2 x 6P, 2 x 5X). I’m hoping that Google in its wisdom resurrects the Nexus line because the Pixel line is out of our price range. I’ve found the phones to be high quality, the software updates are fast and the support has been great anytime we’ve had an issue.

Edited to add: It’s a bit unfair to blame the Nexus line for you breaking the screen and what sounds like a bad repair by a local repair shop.

For continuity and convenience, here is @shting"s thread alluded to above… Nexus 6P reflections after a month…

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