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I went on the republics website in October because I needed a new phone and was wanting to buy a unlocked phone from amazon. I found the page the website had at the time showing a list of compatible phones. Of which I bought the Samsung-SM-J320A, because Republics website listed this as a compatible phone. When I got the phone i activated it using the sim card I already had, (I had the same phone before it just got damaged so i replaced it with the exact same phone). The phone and service worked fine for the first 3 weeks and then the last week I started to experience problems with people being able to hear me when I call them or when they call me. I looked at this forum and found some other complaints of this problem. I followed some suggestions which 1 was to reinstall the Republic wireless app, when I did this the app came up that my phone is not compatible with republic. What? How can this be it is the exact phone I had before, and republic has it on their website? I went back out the the website and found that republic has updated their approved phone list and made it more specific and found the my model number of the phone is fine but not the Build Number. So republic what are you going to do to retain me as a customer, because I am pissed that I can’t return the phone I bought after doing everything I was supposed to do to make sure I got a phone compatible with your network. And how the crap did it work fine for 3 weeks but now doesn’t? I have to guess that you just changed your specifications on phones recently for mine to not be working properly. What should I do?

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What likely happened is this. Because you moved an already activated SIM card, you “fooled” the Republic App in to thinking your phone was compatible. Why it’s no longer fooled after the reinstall, I’m not clear. But there haven’t been any spec changes on that phone. ONLY the Factory Unlocked version has been properly compatible with Republic since the beginning and it sounds like you got the AT&T version.


So I guess I am out of luck then…?


I would I have known this from the information I got from Republic. I know they updated their website with the list of compatible phones.


The information regarding the J3 has been there since launch. This is one of two phones (the other being the S6) where Samsung decided to use the same model number for multiple versions. Because of this, the additional requirements have been there since launch.


I don’t agree with you. All I found in October was the model number nothing specific about versions.


This document has been available for a very long time. It list the compatible models as well as builds for the J3 and Galaxy S6:

When in doubt, it’s always best to ask, either here in the Community or through a help ticket before buying a phone elsewhere.


I am still baffled that this phone worked for 3 weeks without problem on the Republic network even though it was not “supported” by the network. Whatever…


Hi @ryanb.phana9 ,

You stated initially that you can’t return the phone. Have you checked with Amazon to be sure? I have found them to have a pretty gracious return policy in the past.

If you can return it, or even resell it, I’d like to look into what we might be able to do to help replace it with something we’d know to be compatible.


I will check with Amazaon


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