Not off to a grand start... should I just give up, am I asking too much?

So I saw that Republic is offering a discount to prepay a year, and when I ran across the Black Friday deal for one month free, I decided to pull the trigger.

I clicked through the deal for the one month free, but I had to pay for the first month anyway, plus it wouldn’t let me sign up for a year and it was not clear that the free month deal was applied at all. There was no way to select a year.

So I sent an support ticket explaining I wanted the promotion for the free month, to transfer my number, and to sign up for a year… so I figured RW could just xfer my number, charge me the remaining $152 and I’d be all set for a year.

Instead I got back a bunch of Gibberish with a million links and steps, and I think the guy wants me to pay full price for a month (when I want a yearly plan), then wait a month, then sign up for a year – at which point I’ve overpaid for the first month, not gotten anything free and completed a ton of steps.

Am I asking too much here expecting to get the Black Friday deal and prepay a year and be done with it? Should I keep trying with the ticket or just give it up and find somewhere else to go?

Hi @loganr.e3feak,

There’s no way to sign up for the annual payment at activation. By design, we want you to try the service before committing to a non-refundable payment. Additionally, the annual payment is based on your current plan at the time you make the payment, so you have to be already activated.

Our agents cannot collect payment and set plans for you. That’s why they sent you links and instructions so you can activate, port your number in, and make the annual payment.

Could you please point me to the “Black Friday” offer you’ve seen? I’m not familiar with a promotion specific to Black Friday and I’d like to see what you’re referencing. The only month free offer I’m aware of at this time is our port-in offer, where you get a month free after you transfer your number to a new service line.

Hi southpaw, good to chat with you again after all this time!

Yes, the port in is what I’m doing; this website referred to it as a Black Friday deal: But I saw the terms when I signed up.

So it sounds like what you’re saying is I must pay the first month at full price, the second month will be free and then in month three I can sign up for a year if you still offer a year at that time?


You do have to pay for the first month at activation.
The free month might not be the second month, it will depend on the timing of your transfer. The first full billing cycle after the transfer completes will be free.
You can sign up for the annual payment once you’re activated if you want to - same day. You don’t have to wait for month three. If you do that, you’d enjoy your free month for transferring your number after your 12 prepaid months are complete.
I think what you want to do is this:

  • Activate
  • Transfer your number now and get month 2 free.
  • During month 2 set up the annual payment.

You don’t have to wait until month three to set up the annual payment, or you’ll find that you’ve paid for month three on the billing date. You’ll set up the annual payment during month two, and it won’t be billed until your billing cycle date. In place of a month, you’d be billed for a year (10 months) and you wouldn’t have to pay again for 12 months.

Hi southpaw, thanks for the detailed response.

So if I sign up for the year today, I’ll have 14 months in the bank?

Assuming you’ve already activated and your number transfer goes through, yes.
It sounds a lot simpler when you say it! :smile_cat:

Hi southpaw. Well I think you were saying it in a way that gave me the most options, and didn’t have me paying early. But for my peace-of-mind, since I know offers can change, things can get confused later, etc., paying today and locking it down for 14 months makes it more clear.

Now… do you want me around until at least 2021? :wink:

Of course we do! That offer for the Howling Cow ice cream still stands, too. :icecream:

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So that Moto G4 with Ghost Touch didn’t last the transition to Sprint. They literally had me go to stores half a dozen times, and put so many different SIM cards into the G4 that it destroyed the SIM card tray on the G4.

So I got a “great” deal when I went over, until I factored in the cost of a new phone + not being able to call Canada (and the sticker shock after my first month of that) + data and voice not working at the same time + having to use their special voicemail app which is horrible instead of the stock deal. Not to mention they flagged my phone’s EIN as being stolen somewhere along the process. It took me a couple of weeks and dozens of calls to get it straight. I can only hope they let my number go. I’ve got two more weeks prepaid there, in case they want to fight.

As much as I’ve griped and moaned, RW is solid and I’ve enjoyed my service here much more than anywhere else.


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