Not receive text from foreign country

At my work, the oversea group usually sent us alerts and important messages through SMS.

All of my other team members here have received the texts without problem for years, except me. I have all spam, and even the business verification unchecked, but I am still not able to received SMS from the oversea team. (They are based in Korea)

I double checked and they have been sending to the correct numbers.

Does Republic restricts SMS from outside of the US?

  • Are they sending it to your regular Republic number (the one shown in the Republic App / Settings / About
    • This is not the underlying carrier number which may/may not be available depending on the phone

Yep. They have been sending to that number. I have a Moto E4 that I got directly from Republic.

Hi @stephent.dj54r2 :slight_smile:

Please take a look at this Republic article. Maybe the the sms is sent as a group? And it’s over 25? I’m not positive this applies but I’ll throw it out there…

Just checked and it was sent to a group of 7 people.

Thanks everyone. My boiss just told me to open a Google Voice account and try to have them sent it there. Hopefulyl this might work.

cross fingers

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Hi @stephent.dj54r2,

Please know Republic does nothing to restrict receiving SMS from international numbers. That said, the process of getting an SMS message from Korea or anywhere else outside the U.S. with the possible exception of Canada varies widely and to be candid is simply not always reliable. There are a lot of potential points of failure between the message originating in Korea and your Republic phone.

There is no particular reason to believe Google Voice will be a solution, however, I sincerely hope I’m wrong about that. Candidly if one needs to be able to regularly and reliably receive SMS from international numbers, one needs a number with one of the large wireless carriers.

Has your boss considered using an alternative messaging app such as WhatsApp or Signal or an app designed for collaborative teams like Slack? Using such apps would mean everyone would need to agree to use the same app. On the other hand, it would be a far more secure means of communication particularly if sensitive proprietary information might be involved.


We use Slack and Team on other htings, but the SMS message is the decision with higher up (Top Men), so there is nothing we can do here.

Since I am the only person not able to receive it from them, so there is no reason for them to change the delivery method. =/

Do you have any reason to believe that you are receiving text messages from non-Republic, US numbers? (I’m wondering if this is a bigger problem than just text messages from Korea.)

If Google Voice doesn’t work out for you, please open a help ticket with our technicians so they can investigate. They’d need examples of recent text messages sent from the team in Korea, including the sender’s phone number(s) and the time (with time zone) the messages were sent.

I am able to received texts from others (Friends and co-workers have variety of carriers such as ATT, Red Rocket, Verizon, PagePlus…)

Just sent a request to see if they can try to send it to my Google Voice. Will see how that goes.

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