Not receiveing word text messages from one phone number

In November, I stopped receiving word text messages from a specific phone number - They receive all texts from my phone. I CAN receive pictures and screenshots from that number, just not written texts. Prior to November I was receiving all texts. I tried deleting the contact and re-entering but nothing has helped. This is my best friend and we text often, so this is frustrating. Any ideas?

Try going to the Google Play store, look for the app TEXTRA SMS . Install it and try texting to your buddy. I have had the same issues with Googles Messages. I just switched texting apps. Textra is just like messages, just works better. Yeah I don’t know whats going on with Google apps lately. Hope this helps.

A couple things to try:

  1. Clear the Messages by Google data.
  2. Make sure RCS Chat Features are disabled.
  3. Have your friend delete and then add you back as a contact.

Hi @rhondac.6vkh0s,

You didn’t mention what text messaging app you’re using. Please make sure it’s not the very old (and no longer supported) “Messaging” app with a green icon.

Have you looked at the text messaging history in the account portal? Keeping in mind that the times listed there are in UTC and have to be converted to your time zone, if you can determine whether or not those inbound text messages (listed as SMS when they are short, word-only text messages) are reaching our servers.

If they are reaching our servers, then you’ll want to keep looking for a solution on the phone itself, because for some reason they are not getting from our server to your phone. @cbwahlstrom’s suggestion is a good way to get the Messages app by Google back in good shape.

If they are not reaching our servers, then our Help Team would need to investigate what might be blocking them from our network.


I am using the message app that came with the Moto G phone- ( blue )- I just had her send me a test text- It showed up on my history ( in my account )- but does not come to my phone.

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Thank you - just tried that, no luck. Her number shows up on my account as having sent a text but it will not come to my phone.

How about this?

Unblock a conversation

  1. Open the Messages app Messages Logo Round.
  2. Tap More options More and then Spam & blocked.
  3. Select the contact from the list.
  4. Tap Unblock .

It’s not blocked- I tried that. I get pictures messages and screen shots, no words.

What about other people? Can you send back and forth with anyone else with no issues? My work buddies I had no issues. My wife, just didn’t work.

As far as I know, it’s only hers - It just stopped several weeks ago- she gets all of mine- I only get picture texts from her

Well, I’m on Republic, my wife is on Cricket could be an issue? Also, maybe it’s not you… could be her? Maybe she needs to go in her settings. Maybe tell her try WiFi only, try cell only. If you both have Google Duo app on your phones, communicate with that?

If our servers are receiving the text message, then the friend is successfully sending it.

If I do that, will I lose all of my messages?

From the last line of help article on clearing messages data:

“This will not delete any of your messages.”

The choices on my phone are to Clear Storage or Clear Cache - which should I choose?

Hi @rhondac.6vkh0s,

Clear Storage is the one you would pick. I’ve updated that article.