Not receiving all of my data

I have the Moto e4, Unlimited talk+text & 3GB data plan. I am only being allowed to use 1 GB of data… It’s been like this for almost a year and k thought it was just capping me to give a refund or something. But I even never received a refund or my full amount of data. I don’t understand why I’m paying for 3 GB if I’m not getting it. Please let me know how this can be resolved. I appreciate Republic Wireless and would like to stay, but not if I’m being ripped off.

Hi @keishab.5rl00d!

Hmm… I see that Republic states that you are, indeed, on the 3gb plan. The screenshot you gave is from the Android settings menu. The Republic app will give the actual ammount. The Android settings data usage meter isn’t necessarily indicative of the actual data usage. Can you give us a shot of the app data usage screen? I have included a screenshot of what mine looks like.


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Your phone has the mobile data limit set for 1gb, so the phone is turning off your cell data after 1gb. You need to tap on mobile data usage, then tap on the gear at the top for settings and turn off mobile or cellular data limit. You also need to make sure mobile data is turned on.


It looks like you’ve capped your own data in the Android settings. You’ve got a warning set at 512 MB and a limit set of 1.00 GB. Remove that and you should be back in business.


Looks like you have a data limit set in the Android data settings,
Tap the billing cycle here you should be able to turn off the limit setpoint and set a warning


Hi @keishab.5rl00d,

It looks like several people have given answers to guide you to solving this situation. We’re definitely not here to rip you off.

I do have something I’d like you to think about, though. If you’ve been putting up with this for nearly a year, do you really need three GB of data? Why not adjust your plan size down and save $5-$10 a month? Please let us know if you need instructions to do so.

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Thanks for your help! “Rip me off” isn’t a dig at Republic Wireless, though it would have been nice to receive a message telling me I wasn’t using the data I had been paying for for over a year… I don’t even remember signing up for the 3GB, but that’s another discussion!

Problem solved (I think), thanks for all of your help friends!

And southpaw, thanks for your suggestion! Was thinking the same thing today! I guess I could always change it later!


Definitely. You can add a one-time data purchase any time. So set the recurring data conservatively, and add data as needed.

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