Not receiving cell calls on newly activated Moto G5 Plus


What phone do you have?
Moto G5 Plus
What plan are you on?
1 Gig data plan, LTE
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
includes data, talk, text.

Issue Description

I activated a new Moto G5 Plus within the last couple of weeks or so. The wife noticed I wasn’t answering calls and she received a message like “This subscriber does not have service”. I can call out, send/receive texts, and have data service. It does appear I have cell service while I’m away from WiFi. Also, I do see a missed call in my missed calls history.

Any ideas out there in RW Land?


Was the G5 Plus a replacement for a previously owned RW phone? If so, did these calls work with the number that was moved from that phone? If not, and you are a new subscriber, what service is your wife with It is possible her service provider has a routing error. In that case, she should open a service ticket with her provider.


Thanks for the quick reply, billg. Yes, the phone replaced an old RW Moto phone. We’ve had RW service for years. My wife’s phone is fine. I should have been clear. I’m receiving NO calls via cell.


If you and your wife both have RW phones and you can’t receive any calls on cell even though cell works in every other respect I believe you will have to open a service ticket if the troubleshooting steps here don;t fix the problem:


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