Not receiving emergency alerts on my Samsung S10+

I am not receiving emergency alerts on my Samsung S10+. The settings for this are located in the Samsung messaging app, and they are all enabled. But they do not work because I have to use the Android messaging app as my default for republic wireless, which then I turn appears to disable all of the Samsung messaging apps functions when it is not the default application ( I just double checked by setting Samsung’s app as default, then setting it back to Android messages, all the while my wife’s Moto was getting flash floods warnings). So what are my options? Am i stuck with either no emergency alerts or some non functions messaging features? Is there another app I can get or another work around? Thanks

Hi @bobp,

You are quite correct that Samsung has made the curious choice to locate emergency alert settings in its Messages app. That said, I’ve not seen those settings become disabled when Samsung’s app is not being used as the default messaging app, however, my newest household samsung phone is running Android 9 rather than Android 10.

So, when you try the following when Samsung’s Messages app is not the default:

Open Messages
Tap three stacked dots upper right
Tap Settings
Tap Emergency alert settings
Tap Emergency alerts

Are Extreme, Severe and AMBER alerts all toggled off? If so, will they toggle on?

When I open the Samsung messages, I get an OK or Cancel. Clicking OK I then get prompted to set my default messaging app, which is currently set to Android messages. I then can either switch or cancel it. Clicking cancel takes me into the app. Once in the app, All options under Emergency alert settings> Emergency alerts > are on (toggled to the right). They are set to vibrate, and play alert sound, as well as a reminder to go off every 15 minutes. Location based alerts are on. and the preview plays loud and clear.

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