Not receiving group texts from my wife

**What phone do you have?**Moto G5+

What plan are you on? $15

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? just talk and text.

Issue Description

My wife uses RW and I use another carrier. When she sends me a group text, I don’t see her message. Other people see it and will respond and I will see their response. When I text a group that includes my wife, she does not see it, but sees other peoples responses. When I text my wife only or she texts me only the messages go through.

Hello @rjs300 and Welcome to the Community
form your description it looks like your having MMS Issues (Group message are MMS along with Pictures or other files sent though the texting app)
I see your listing the Moto G5+ is this your Wife’s Republic phone? if yes what App is She using for texting (is it Messages by Google :messages:) or some other App?
also which provider are you on? as it could be a inter carrier issue for MMS

We both have the same phone. My wife is using Messages for her texts. I am currently using Unreal Mobile through the ATT network and I use their text service. Thanks.

If your wife sends you a picture, do you get it? I have to say it, Unreal is Freedompop and they may have the worst reputation for reliability of any cell phone provider on the planet. As others are getting her messages, that would strongly point to issues with your end of the equation, rather than her’s.

One other question, were you previously with Republic and transferred your number to Unreal?

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I’m not seeing Unreal ( Boost ) Mobile on the list of known carriers that MMS does not work on but they are a new MVNO and I not sure when that list was last updated or if anyone ever tested Unreal ( Boost ) mobile for it (Is MMS Available? – Republic Help)
as @louisdi asked can you send a picture via text to each other?

edit to replace Boost with Unreal (don’y know why I wrote boost)

Running a test now to see if pictures are received. Yes, my main reason for switching from RW was we don’t get good service from Sprint in my area and Unreal uses ATT.

Running a test now to see if my wife and I get pictures from each other.

I get the coverage issue. Have you looked at the other coverage Republic offers shown here: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

For AT&T coverage have you considered someone like Cricket or someone more reputable than Unreal?


Can you use Tmobile because RW’s partner is also TMobile for GSM sim cards.

I am not familiar with T Mobile coverage in our area, but it is another option. Thanks.

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