Not receiving incoming calls while on cell network

I have never had an issue with my Moto g play until late last week. Now, I cannot receive incoming calls through the cell network. All incoming calls have suddenly started going directly to my voicemail. Sometimes my phone will show that I have an incoming call, and will half-ring before being almost instantaneously directed to voicemail. Many times, though, I receive no notification of an incoming call or missed call while using the cell network. I only know that someone has called if they leave a voicemail. I can make outgoing calls on the cell network without any issue. But I cannot receive incoming calls while on the cell network. Any help/tips? I’ve already tried restarting the phone and performing a VoIP, to no avail.

Hi @jeniferl.3pimj2

Please refer to this document if you have not reviewed it…Make and Receive a Phone Call


Let us know if you would like further troubleshooting assistance.

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