Not receiving SMS from Facebook to authenticate login

I am not receiving the sms authentication code to dual authenticate my Facebook account when I try to log in. It had previously worked in prior months. The last text I received from Facebook (short text code 32665) was on January 24, 2017. Has something changed?

Same issue for me today, I haven’t found any solutions yet.

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I don’t let my wife FB with the app and use FB messenger app. These two apps have been updated & have caused havoc on many phones. I recommend to just use the Chrome browser and save FB to bookmarks. It is less of a strain on the phone since the FB app is a resource hogg.

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In this case we are not talking about any of the Facebook apps, we’re talking about the SMS two-factor authentication. Seems the Facebook short code text is not coming through.


I don’t use 2 factor codes for this reason. If you have a good password or password app it is better than 2 factor. Sorry I can’t help you.

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Seems it’s working again today for me at least, no explanation.

Mine started working on the same day yours did (I ended up getting a text from a number and not a short text number). I immediately set up another way authenticate using an authenticator app so that I wouldn’t be stuck waiting on weird text issues again.

I believe that a strong password is not as strong as a strong password with dual authentication - to each his own though…

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