Not receiving SMS from LastPass

I’m using “LastPass”, and I need to setup a recovery SMS number.

LastPass apparently cannot send a SMS message to my RW phone.

Any way this can be fixed?

Welcome to the Republic community! Unfortunately, this sounds like another provider that refuses to send texts to Republic. All you can do is complain to LastPass and ask them to allow your number.

Can’t LastPass recovery be enabled to send a recovery e-mail to a secondary address rather than using SMS?


That’s how I setup my LastPass - no problem.


Hi Folks…thanks for the replies!

Yes, I can use the secondary recovery e-mail address, although that method does seem to open a bigger security risk than the SMS approach.

Even so… I am still curious why various SMS senders cannot send to RW. Does anyone know why? Is it a money issue for the carriers, a competition issue, or an actual technical issue?

A similar problem arises when trying to use one of the free teleconference services. They don’t work with RW (they also don’t work with Google Voice, generally speaking).

Thanks again for any info or insights you might have about this!

Because RW numbers are VOIP and the FCC classifies that as “landline/wire line”.
Many services do not accept VOIP, Twitter, Venmo, many banks, the IRS, etc.
It may go a step beyond that in certain cases as they may even blcok pre-paid carriers, as those type account require no “Identity Verification” like post paid accounts do.

There is extensive discussion on this topic in the Venmo thread.

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This is a completely unrelated problem. You’ll find that on many services now, you can’t call these “free” services, well because they’re not free. On other carriers (such as T-Mobile) when you dial the number you have to agree to pay per minute for the call before it will complete. The way these work is that they locate the numbers in a rural exchange with high interconnect charges.

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