Not receiving some videos via text

This is a problem that won’t matter after today, but I wanted to see if anyone knew something about it.

I’ve asked people to send me videos for a project. I’ve received texted videos from people in my contacts, but I’m not receiving anything from people who aren’t in my contacts. I’m not even positive that’s the correlation. Some of the ones I’ve received have been on iPhones, and it’s been fine. I use the default messenger app, and I have a Moto G first gen.

Also, for at least some of the videos I’ve been told were sent but haven’t received, I have zero text history with the person, so their first text to me would have been a video. I’ve tried to see if there’s anything in settings or security with no luck.

Anybody know why this might be an issue?

Since this is time sensitive for you… instead of debugging the MMS issue, it might be quicker if you received the videos through alternative means. A couple of solutions that come to mind are

a) Use a third party app such as Whatsapp…that works very well for multimedia content and group messaging. (Of course, this requires data). The sender would need to install the app as well.

b) Use Google drive…the sender can upload their video to Google drive then send you a link…and you can download it from the link.

Here are some suggested options for troubleshooting texting issues

Troubleshooting Texting Issues

I’ve already been using alternate means (Email, dropbox), but was just trying to figure out the texting problem. Thanks for the ideas and troubleshooting link. Perhaps it’s a provider issue.

Hi @tdot,

I’ll grant the receiving from folks in your contacts but not others is weird and not a common symptom by any means. Do you happen to know if the videos in question are being taken from within a messaging app. Often videos taken with say a phone’s camera app, then attached to a message will fail because the file is too large. Video taken from within a messaging app is typically compressed (sometimes with less than favorable results) to avoid file size limitations.

You know, after getting through this weekend, I wonder if the problems weren’t on the other end after all. I received one of the videos through Dropbox that someone said they sent me via text, and it turned out it was about 60 or 70MB. Presumably, that’s too large to text. I don’t know what the issue was with one of the other videos, but I ended up receiving it by text, so I suspect maybe it was user error the first time around.

Thank you for the helpful suggestions. I think I got worried too quickly that the problem was on my end with Republic, and this may have been a false alarm.

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