Not receiving text messages 2nd try

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Hi I have a MotoX4 and a 2GB/month plan. I use the default message app. Unfortunately I do not receive messages until I turn off the phone (not restart but fully turn off, wait, then restart) my phone. Mentioned this before but I can’t find the thread. Any insights? Tried all the advice on the web such as reboot, reinstall, etc. Grazie in advance.

Hi @michaelf.vx86pw,

I’m afraid there’s no way for us to know precisely what tried what all the advice on the web means. Republic’s guidance for troubleshooting text messaging issues is linked here:

The above said, what you describe sounds like it could be a coverage issue. Powering down then restarting the phone would refresh a phone’s cellular connection possibly improving it for a period of time though just a restart should have the same effect.

Is there a particular zip code where this happens? Does the issue also occur when your phone is connected to WiFi or only when out about and connected to cell? Do you know which Republic SIM your Moto X4 is provisioned with? Here’s how to tell:

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. Yes I actually tried the advice in your first linked article.

The issue is not connectivity. I receive data over wifi and cell in my other apps.

When I restart I see a rectangular thought bubble which indicates that it is affirmatively checking for IMs. Doesn’t seem to do that otherwise. That’s the issue. Look… if I could push it to check, I’d do it.

I understand my SIM card to be GSM.

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