Not receiving text messages from one number only on all 3 of my phones

Weird problem. I stopped receiving text messages from one phone number about a week ago. They receive all of mine. I have 2 other numbers with Republic and I sent this person a text from both of them and same thing happens they receive the text but I don’t get their reply. If it matters the person I stopped receiving texts from has an iphone on a different carrier, Altice mobile. I looked at their Imessage and it looks like they were sent, green bubble no error. And they have no problem sending or receiving texts from anyone else just these 3 Republic numbers. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @johnb.dd0djc,

When you look at you call and text history in the Account Portal, do you see the text messages logged there? It can be a bit tricky to figure out because the timestamps in the Account Portal are in UTC, not your local time. But do you see any inbound text messages from that iPhone’s phone number?

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I checked the call and text history in the account portal and it only shows the outbound text messages to that number. Last inbound text I received from that number was on 8/1. I had them send me texts last night while they were here and they all appeared to go out on their end with no error. FYI I can send and receive texts with other iphone users it’s just this one number. Wondering if there’s a way to determine who’s end the problem is on. Does the fact that no inbound messages are logged in the account portal help? Thanks.

It helps in that it demonstrates the text messages in question aren’t reaching Republic, which, of course, means the messages can’t reach your phone.

I understand you mentioned this earlier, however, did you check the outbound message bubbles on their iPhone last night? If so, they’re green not blue, correct?

Hi @johnb.dd0djc,

Thanks for checking the account portal. @rolandh has explained where I was going with that train of thought. I was trying to determine where in the delivery process things were going wrong.

It’s starting to sound like a possible problem on your friend’s end. They may need to contact Altice to see if they can determine why their text messages are not reaching Republic Wireless numbers. They will usually need to know some recent examples, including the number the text message was from, the number it was to, and the time it was sent. Their technicians would need to trace the text message to see why it isn’t being delivered.

Would your friend be willing to send a test text to one of my numbers? I just want to be sure it’s not something specific about your account.

Does your friend have other Altice phones in the household?

Yes the bubbles are green.

No she doesn’t have any other phones with Altice and yes I can have her text one of your numbers if you like.

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