Not Receiving Text Messages from Verizon senders

Phone: Google PIxel 3XL
Plan : My Choice +1 GB
Data: Yes

I am no longer receiving any text messages on my phone. I use the Anywhere app as my default messaging app. Last night before I turned off my phone everything was working just fine. Since turning it back on this morning I have not received so much as one message, and I know that multiple have been sent to me.

I have tried manually turning the phone off and then back on as well as straight restarting it. Other than that, I am not sure what to do.

My husband who has a republic wireless phone is having the same issue. He can send texts, and make calls but he is not getting any incoming text messages on his phone. Not sure what is going on.

When did this begin happening to your husband?

He doesn’t use his phone except on weekdays to text me from work. So the first we noticed was around 9:00 am when he didn’t receive a text from me and called the house worried when I wasn’t texting him back.

Hi @lauren.lzb4tm,

Does your phone have access to data? Is it on Wi-Fi or cell?

May I send a couple of test texts?

My data access remains normal. Currently, I am on cell. However, I have been both on wifi and cell at different points today and have not received messages regardless. I would welcome your test texts.

I’ve sent you one test text, and when I look at your logs I can see the message from me as well as one around 6:30 this morning, ET, but none in between.

Are you expecting to have received messages this morning from one person primarily, or several? Anything in common between the senders? (I see a couple of comments in our Help Center about text messages from Verizon users failing to reach our members.)

I know for sure that at least four different people have attempted to text me today. I don’t know the providers for all of those people, but I can say that 2 of them are Verizon users.

Would you mind opening a ticket and letting the our Help team know that you are not receiving text messages from non-RW numbers. If you let them know you are receiving from RW numbers, that will be helpful, too.

If you can possibly get (from any cooperative senders) the time they sent a text message you did not receive, and provide the Help team a couple of examples that include the number being sent from and the time of the failed send, that will be helpful as we try to understand where the issue lies.

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@briannea, is this issue continuing for your husband? Is the phone you are trying to text him from a Republic Wireless phone?

I just had a friend who uses AT&T text me, and I was able to receive and read his text. I will also open a help ticket. Thanks for your assistance.

Thanks. We’re thinking this one might actually be a Verizon issue, but we certainly want to be sure it’s not something on our end.

No the phone I am texting him from uses Verizon towers, and as of 1:30 the issue was still continuing for him.

Thanks! We are investigating this matter with inbound text messages from Verizon. There’s nothing he needs to do to his phone, this is something the engineers will have to resolve.

Hi @lauren.lzb4tm and @briannea,

Our engineers now beleive this issue is resolved. Please let us know if you continue to experience trouble with text messages from Verizon phones to RW phones.


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