Not receiving text messages when away from Wi-Fi


I have had this same experience… It seems that Anywhere works over Wifi and data only, not cell, like other message apps. This makes it kind of useless if you don’t have data, and you’re away from wifi. I came here to see if they had maybe addressed this problem.

Republic Anywhere Texts Not Delivered if not on Wi-Fi?

It is my understanding that Republic Wireless phones operate under 3 different transmission modes… Cellular Phone, Cellular Data, and WiFi. When I first tried the Republic Anywhere text app, I noticed my texts only sent and received when I was in WiFi mode. My plan doesn’t include Data, it only has Wifi and cellular phone. So when I’m away from a wifi connection, no sending or receiving texts are possible. Important to note: where I live, I’m always on roaming; no Sprint here.

I just tested it again… I turned my wifi off on my phone and had my partner text me… nothing came in until I turned the wifi back on. The same thing sending a text: I get a alert saying “Not sent. Tap to try again.” Which works only when the wifi is turned back on.


Hi @danm.1l881y,

As counterintuitive as this might sound, Anywhere uses data (WiFi or cell) to deliver messages to your phone even though you have no data plan. This “system” data if you will is included in the base price of all Republic plans.

Are both cellular data and roaming data enabled in Android settings on your phone? If the answer to those is yes, it’s possible the roaming partner in your area isn’t providing cell data, which is required for Anywhere to work properly. Roaming is always a best effort enterprise.


I’m mostly sure my roaming data is on. I guess the problem is my local roaming partner. It seems there would be more people with my issue otherwise.


Hi @danm.1l881y,

I’ve split your posts out from the topic in which they originated since your issue seems to be something different, to allow troubleshooting to focus on your issue more clearly.


I would love to use the RA app if it could work anywhere… like the android Message app. Any help to get it to work when I’m away from wifi, would be great. Thanks!


If you don’t get the issue resolved you can still use it on you computer/other device when using another messaging app for your phone use.


Hi @danm.1l881y,

I think this is something similar to the situation in the original thread.

When you’re testing, if a text falls delivery on cell but is delivered on WiFi in Anywhere, could you then immediately repeat the test with the Messages app? (Let me know if you need some test messages sent, I know family and friends can grow weary of testing.)

There are actually other processes managing the delivery of the text messages to your phone, so if they are arriving in one app, but failing in Anywhere, it may be a permissions setting blocking Anywhere from access to the messages. If you can confirm Messaging works when Anywhere fails, we need to look for differences between the two, and I’d start with that data saver setting that was the issue in Republic Anywhere Texts Not Delivered if not on Wi-Fi? .


The Android Message app works anywhere. I just looked in the Anywhere app settings and under Advanced there was switch that was off for Roaming auto-retrieve… turning it on didn’t solve the problem though…


I’m not showing that Data-Saving switch under Data usage. When I slide down to the Anywhere app, on the list below, and click it, there is a switch that is off, to “Restrict app background data.”


Mighty Text dosn’t work either, when Wifi is off.


Hi @danm.1l881y,

Could you tell us which phone model is experiencing the issue so we can try to duplicate the issue and look for relevant settings?


Moto X 2nd gen 16 gigs Android 5.1


My granddaughters live in a roaming area. Messaging while roaming worked fine for their first two years and then suddenly quit working. We spent weeks troubleshooting the problem by ourselves and with RW’s help. RW even sent a free Moto X (2nd Gen) to troubleshoot the problem with and it couldn’t message either.

Eventually we had tested six or seven towers over a wide expanse of north-central ND and west-central MN. Only a couple of towers worked for us.

The only solution was to upgrade their Moto X (both gens) to the Moto G5+ on the GSM carrier. That proved to be a dramatic improvement for both and they now have native coverage in all of the areas they frequent. Also, we have been able to message while roaming on AT&T.

I believe this problem was caused by a change in Sprint’s roaming agreement but can’t be sure. The work-around was expensive. What is your ZIP code? Maybe some others who live near you can test their ability to message while roaming with Sprint.


The stock Android Messaging app works fine on roaming cellular, in or away from Wifi, here in Willits California 96590. Republic Anywhere is only able to send and receive in Wifi range.


We tried both apps to no avail but this was about 5 months ago and the Android Messaging app might have been updated… We also found it took two or three tries to make a phone call because data wasn’t available for call setup and the calls reverted to using the less reliable DTMF for setup. Another possibility is the problem we experienced my have been caused by the Republic app which has also been updated since our experience.


Hi @danm.1l881y,

Thanks for that information.

Your initial assessment is correct. The Anywhere app requires a data connection - either native cellular data, roaming data on a tower that allows it, or Wi-Fi.

On the legacy phones (Moto X 1st and 2nd Gen, Moto G 1st and 3rd Gen, Moto E 1st and 2nd Gen) text messages are delivered using the non-data cellular signal when delivery over data fails. You will indeed have a better experience with the native messaging app or Android Messages.

I apologize that I was thinking of only our 3.0 phones and failed to recognize this possibility.


Zip code correction: 95490


tat Zip code show as talk and text only on Republic’s CDMA map (Roaming where data may be hit and miss (sound like miss for you)
even the CDMA carrier’s Map (Sprint) show as extended LTE which is a type of Roaming that Sprint customers get treat as native but MVNO (like Republic) are roaming
Coverage Check | Republic Wireless || Sprint Map


I too have a Moto X 2nd Gen (on the 2.0 plan) and when I’m roaming, I have to change my default SMS app to the native Messaging instead of Republic Anywhere. Once I do so, I can send/receive texts without any issues. When I return to civilization, I change the default back to RA. It’s an inconvenience, sure, but it’s a bandaid solution that works. And after doing it so many times, I hardly need to think about it.