Not Receiving Texts From Sister



Not sure if anyone can help me with this. I recently started with Republic and had my number transferred from my old Iphone. I’m now not receiving texts from my sister (she is an iPhone user). I am receiving texts from other iPhone users, but not her. I have deregistered my iMessages, restarted my phone, and checked my republic app. Nothing is working. Anyone have any tips?


Hi @amandal.syhhxb,

Please ask your sister to note the color of the bubbles on her iPhone when she tries to message you. Are they blue or green (they should be green)? I suggest asking her to delete, then reenter your contact information. If she’s syncing the contacts on her iPhone to iCloud, it would be best to be certain it’s deleted there as well before reentering.


She said the bubbles are blue, but they should definitely be green. I’ll have her try to delete my contact info.


Blue means Apple is still routing via iMessage. Since you already deregistered iMessage on your phone, usually deleting, then reentering your contact info on her phone will fix the problem.


She deleted my contact info and re-entered it, but I am still not receiving texts from her. I asked her to make sure I was deleted from her cloud as well. Any suggestions???


Did you deregister iMessage on your phone or at this Apple website: If on the phone only, you might try the website as well. In my experience, iMessage can sometimes be stubborn. In addition to verifying your contact info is also gone from iCloud, sometimes waiting for a period of time and restarting the phone before adding the contact info back helps.

If nothing above helps and the issue is limited to just your sister’s iPhone, she should contact Apple support. iMessage is Apple’s responsibility.


Yes, I deregistered iMessage on both my old iPhone AND on the website. I even tried to do it again (just to check) and the apple website told me that my phone number was no longer registered for iMessage. I’ll have her contact Apple…it’s clearly an issue with her phone.


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