Not Receiving Voicemail on a Pixel 3a XL

Hello, I have a Pixel 3a XL. I did the workaround once I realized my voicemail was no longer showing up, and it worked. My problem is that I am no longer receiving any voicemail at all. Not only does the notification not show up when I know someone has left me a voicemail, when I call my voicemail, it does not have the recent tester voicemails that I left (I called my phone using my husband’s phone). I am now concerned that I have voicemails that I never knew about and cannot retrieve.

I updated to Android 12 about a week or so ago. I am not sure when the voicemail issue started; it was only today that I became suspicious when I saw I had missed calls and no voicemails had been left.

Please help.

Hi @andrear.6zmyje and welcome to the Community!

Not to be argumentative, however, since you mention receiving neither a voicemail notification nor are there voicemails to retrieve when you call in; how do you know someone has left a voicemail. Has someone who’s called you advised you of this?

Have you tried leaving a test voicemail since the additional issue surfaced?

It’s possible but I don’t think Android 12 is the source of the problem. I’ve updated my Pixel 4 XL to Android 12 without noticing voicemail issues beyond those already known and, for me, the workarounds remain effective.

What happens when you dial into voicemail? Are you able to successfully enter your voicemail password? Is the response that no new messages are available?

Have you tried leaving a test voicemail since the additional issue surfaced?

I know you aren’t trying to be argumentative, but I clearly stated in my initial comment that I had used my husband’s phone to leave myself voicemails. I tried twice, and both times I left myself a voicemail. Neither time did a voicemail notification show up.

When I dial into my voicemail, I am able to successfully enter my voicemail password. I am able to listen to old saved voicemail messages, but there are no new messages (and as I said, I left myself two messages using my husband’s phone).

I think I wasn’t clear. It was only today that I suspected I had a voicemail issue. That was when I noticed that my voicemail tab had disappeared. After successfully using the workaround that Southpaw gave, I had my voicemail tab back. It was then that I decided to check to see if my voicemail was even working properly, and I tried calling my phone with my husband’s phone and left two voicemail messages. That is what prompted me to ask for help.

Hi @andrear.6zmyje,

I’ve split your post into a separate topic as what you report goes beyond the general visual voicemail issue.

When you make test calls using your husband’s phone, what do you hear when prompted to leave voicemail? Do you hear your prerecorded message (presuming you created one)? Do you hear "the Republic member you have called is not available…? Or, do you hear something else? I’m trying to determine if Republic’s voicemail forwarding might somehow have become engaged.

Also, is your husband’s phone also on Republic? I just called my Pixel 4 XL from another household Republic phone and am able to both leave and retrieve voicemail but can also test using a non-Republic household phone, if needed.

Thank you for taking the time to help me with this.

I do hear my prerecorded message that I created when I reach the voicemail.

My husband’s phone is also on Republic, though he has a Moto phone and not a Pixel.

Hi @andrear.6zmyje,

Given you hear your prerecorded voicemail message, it’s unlikely to be the source of the issue but for the sake of ruling it out, please verify voicemail forwarding is not enabled in Republic’s mobile app:

Do you happen to have any third party call blocking apps installed on your Pixel:

Do you have any of Republic’s call blocking features turned on:

Specifically, if “Calls from suspected spammers” is enabled, please try temporarily toggling it off then test from your husband’s phone.

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Ok, here is a weird twist. I went ahead and listened to one of the old saved messages, and even though the date said October 16, it was the second tester messages I sent today (still don’t know what happened to the first one I sent). After listening to that message, I went to leave myself another voicemail using my husband’s phone to see if it showed up with the wrong date. This time I actually got the notification! But when I went to listen to the voicemail, the voicemail tab had disappeared again, so I did all the workaround again and rebooted my phone, and now the voicemail is there with the correct date. I am flummoxed.

I checked and do not have voicemail forwarding set up.

I do not have any third party call blocking apps installed.

I do not have the Republic app set to bock any spam calls. It allows everything through.

That makes two of us. That said, if (other than the known visual voicemail issue which can indeed be mitigated with workarounds) things are now working as expected I’m not going to argue with apparent success. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just tested it one more time, and it worked.

Thank you for helping me. I don’t know what did the trick. Perhaps rebooting a few times and going through and clicking all the options jogged something and I didn’t notice.

Again, thank you for taking the time to work through this with me. :relaxed:

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