"Not Registered on Network" Error away from Wifi

What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy A10e

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes Data

Issue Description

This issue is brand new, happening a few hours ago. It has never happened before. I did not travel to any new locations or do anything new or out of the ordinary. This issue affects both mine and my wife’s phone. Hers is an identical phone on the same plan, just with an extra gig of data.

EDIT: Just to reiterate, this issue is happening in places where normally I have no trouble placing calls, so the recommendation from the diagnosis to get to a spot with better cell coverage is irrelevant.

During my work day away from the house today, I found I was unable to place any calls, receiving an error stating ‘not registered on network’. Despite coming home and updating the republic app over wifi on lunch before leaving again, once out of wifi range the same thing happened. Text messages would not send (waiting for network connection message), calls would not be placed. Sometimes I had bars of coverage showing, another time I had a circle with a cross out mark through it.

My wife has since left the house and is experiencing the same issue, being unable to place outgoing calls. She relayed this information to me after connecting to Walmart’s wifi, where she was running her errands.

I am currently home on wifi and can replicate this issue simply by turning wifi off.

I am including screenshots of the error, the logs when I am on wifi at my house, and the logs when I shut off wifi in the very same location (meaning the error isn’t location dependent, just wifi dependent…or at least I should say it SEEMS that way).

Please let me know if I can include anything else to help narrow down this incredibly frustrating and phone-crippling issue.

Thank you in advance!

  • Brad

Hi @bradb,

I’m so sorry to see that your question here has not received a response. It seems to have been completely overlooked as we worked on the issue you were having on your daughter’s phone.

Are you still experiencing complete loss of cellular connectivity on both phones?

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