Not showing the correct amount of GB on my plan I am paying f

I am paying for 3.5 GB of data and it’s only showing 3.0. on my mobile data page. Can someone explain this? It shows I’ve used 3.22 and I cannot use anymore. Don’t want to buy any more.

Hi Terry, welcome back to the community. Can you please tell me what model phone you have? (Settings – About Phone – Model)

Hi @terryh.a1zvk1,

We don’t offer a plan for 3.5 GB of data. It sounds like you may have set a limit in the Android Settings menu that needs to be turned off.

Open the Republic Wireless app to see your actual plan amount and current usage.


Moto G5

Hi @terryh.a1zvk1,

Were you able to change the settings in the Android Setting menu so your data would not be restricted? Do you see the correct amount in the Republic Wireless app?

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