Not sure RW is worth it anymore

Been using this company for years; have had several phones. But it seems most of the phones I’ve purchased are not compatible with RW, even if the only difference is a single digit in the model number or a non-internationally-unlocked version, etc. Occurred again today, and it’s getting me pretty jaded unfortunately. The savings here have been nice over the years, certainly; it’s become more apparent that you get what you pay for over time, however. Considering finally making the switch to a more mainstream provider, not quite sure yet. May as well ask: is it possible that the number of compatible phones/version numbers will increase in the not-too-distant future? Or perhaps more sales for used/budget phones in the RW store? Just tired of getting that “bummer, incompatible phone” message after waiting two weeks for a phone to arrive and waiting another month for it to be refunded, if at all. Appreciate any response/discussion on the matter. Thank you

hello @coreyd.n1hgzo,

Republic does have one of the more restrictive BYOP programs as currently all BYOD must match the models listed in the supported phones page (full listed model number), and they are currently all North American (US market) Factory unlocked models (and not unlocked International models or other carrier models that have been carrier unlocked)

@louisdi has put together some helpfum hints when looking for a BYOP

personalty I avoid E-bay as the sells are either uniform of what they are selling or out right scamming people selling carrier phones as factory unlock (often with micro print stating can only be activated on a GSM carrier as CDMA carriers have already flag them)


I’m not sure how a seller selling a phone as something other than what it actually is falls on Republic, but I certainly understand the frustration. The community is pretty darned good at vetting eBay auctions and Amazon listings. I would recommend posting the listing to the item you’re considering here and we’ll be happy to take a look and make an educated assessment of the phone’s compatibility.


To a point, yes but perhaps not as restrictive as one might think at first glance. I was reminded the other day that since 2016, Republic now supports over 70 phone models albeit not every flavor of those models.

If one were to look at Sprint’s supported phones page, I’m uncertain you’d find 70 options. Historically, among the large carriers, T-Mobile has been far and away the most flexible. AT&T and Verizon not nearly so much. Like Republic, those two may or may not support all flavors of a specific model. And, AT&T and Verizon sometimes support only certain features of a particular model depending upon whether the phone was purchased from them or not or whether one is a prepaid or postpaid customer.


Hopefully the majority or RW users/members have come to the realization that the stringent vetting of phones prior to supporting they as BYOD/BYOP is for our own protection.
That single digit difference, or international model that you mention may be as critical as as a missing frequency band that’s needed for US Cell companies, or as innocuous as just the color :slight_smile:
Republic, in my mind has earned their stripes … they do what they say and say what they do.


@rolandh I personally appreciate the care that Republic takes to make sure that my experience is largely uniform and consistent across all phones it supports. While yes, I can’t bring my Degoo 2000 to Republic, when I bring it to T-Mobile, VoLTE doesn’t work, Visual Voicemail doesn’t work, virtual numbers don’t work, wifi calling doesn’t work, etc etc etc. This results in T-Mobile support telling me that it is an “unsupported” phone and while I can keep using it, sorry, but you’re out of luck on those features. I honestly don’t see how that’s a better outcome.


Good points made here. Thanks for replies.

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