Not sure what phones I can bring

How to I bring my own phone? Republic site says Moto6 play qualifies, but gives a model #??

Hi @kathyc.stoxuy

The G6 Play needs to be model XT1922-9. All the models supported by Republic can be found in this list:


Hi @kathyc.stoxuy and welcome to the Community!

Indeed Republic mentions specific model numbers because many phones including the Moto G6 come in both compatible and incompatible flavors. In addition to Republic’s documentation linked by @jedi_n, you may find this from a fellow Republic member (Republic likes to call customers members) to be helpful: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.

An obvious source for a Republic compatible Moto G6 is Motorola itself:

Additionally, if you’re already a Republic member, please let us know which phone (brand, model and generation) you currently use with Republic and, if comfortable sharing it, your zip code (nothing more). With those, we can provide insight on getting the best coverage with that new G6.


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