Notable Newbies: Welcome!


Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! I appreciate your help trying to figure out my problem.


Ha, makes sense. Funny how these usernames just kind of stick with us… Thanks for sharing!


Happy Halloween Community! :jack_o_lantern: It’s time again for Notable Newbies! @Southpaw kindly handed off this thread to me last week, so here is my first full-fledged attempt at welcoming those who posted for the first time in Community within the past week (luckily, I ate about 9,000 pieces of candy so I will have TONS of energy to sustain me while I write this post):

Our first newbie this week is @karlih.bzyk9h. They came to us this week inquiring about CDMA coverage for their Moto E4. We hope to have the opportunity to open up some more CDMA options soon, and in the meantime please let us know if we can assist with coverage issues via a Help Ticket.

@kimberlyc.npbdeo posted for her first time this week because her son’s phone was delivering text messages differently after she turned off cellular data. We see @rolandh responded to you with some recommendations for how to proceed. Please let us know if your son is still having this issue with his phone. Community would love to help you get to the bottom of this.

A warm welcome to @cliffc.ud6th0! We hope to hear if the issue with your Moto G4 is fixed soon. Community is here to help if you need further assistance.

Welcome to @csichica33 as well! She came to us with some great feedback about the current plans we offer, compared to our older plans. We appreciate your bringing your experience with Republic to Community and sharing what you find valuable with our service. It looks like our Ambassador @amitl was able to answer your question about upgrading and changing plans, but please come back and let us know if any other questions come up as you consider moving to a new device. Are there any phones that have piqued your interest thus far?

“Hi” and “welcome” to @mvaljeanwright! They came to Community for the first time in search of an answer as to why their screen was going black when their phone rings. Thanks for sharing the process with us and letting us know what fixed it. We look forward to seeing you back here again.

@baddogmaine first posted here a couple of days ago in order to get a better idea of typical data usage while streaming. Welcome! Thanks for asking this question and letting us know the rate at which your data was used while streaming over cell. We’re sure others will learn from reading this thread. Hopefully you were able to finish watching the game by some other means?

I’d like to also welcome @devorahs.a0l3ze to Community. They had a specific question about their Nexus 5X and wanted to see if others had a similar experience with their calls and texts not being received. We’d like to thank everyone who chimed in to help give some more context to this issue and hope @devorahs.a0l3ze, you’re able to get a resolution soon. Between Community and our support agents, we’ll do our best to get to the bottom of this.

And last, but certainly not least, a “welcome!” to @nope.kwntgd. They’ve first posted 5 days ago and have been updating the thread as they continue to troubleshoot. Thank you for bringing your question about your Moto E4 to Community and putting in the time beforehand to troubleshoot as well. We know you’ve been working hard with our support team and Community - hang in there and we’ll keep working diligently with you to get this resolved.

Thanks again to all the folks who made these individuals feel welcome and showed them what Community is all about. Everyone have a happy and safe Halloween! :candy::candy::candy::candy::candy:


She’s not kidding! So much candy!! :candy:


Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker


Hi again Community folks! This past week we had 10 Notable Newbies create their first topic/post. Let’s take a minute and find out what brought them here…

A warm welcome to @manjitpalg, @lucifer53, and @jamess.ojgfpc, who all had questions about RW’s service and/or the devices we’re compatible with. We’re glad the Community was able to help you all out and make it easier to decide if Republic’s service will suit your needs.

@lokewolf also had a question about compatibility. Welcome! Specifically, they had questions about the Moto X4. Thanks for taking the time to research and pose your questions to your fellow members. It sounds like you might be weighing whether you want to go with us or GoolgeFi? If so, we’ll be interested to hear what you chose to do and why. We’d love to see you here at Republic, and Community will continue to be here to answer any questions you have about our service. Special thanks to @rolandh, @drm186, and @andreas for helping @lokewolf out!

@techcowens posted for the first time to the topic: Nougat (Android 7.0) released for Moto X Pure. While this was an advanced suggestion, thanks for offering it to this thread. Our members appreciate it!

“Hey there” and “welcome” to @scottm.6qzd0o as well! They’ve been patiently working through an issue with their E4 with the assistance of our support agents. We’re going to continue to pursue a resolution for you, rest assured. Thanks for bringing this to our attention via Community.

Both @forrestt.hci9zh and @mat came to Community this past week in need of some troubleshooting assistance. @forrestt.hci9zh is having issues with calling and texting, and @mat is seeking Community’s advice on how to solve the problem of an E4 Plus not connecting to Google WiFi. Please let us know if you’re both still experiencing these issues. Community is here to help.

Welcome to @Lutzdj1, who needed some help downloading the RW app on his new Pixel 2. Glad we were able to get you up and running. Hope you’re enjoying the new phone!

Last but not least, a warm welcome to @noppenbd. They had a question about porting that @Jben and @louisdi were able to quickly answer. Should you have questions in the future, feel free to direct them to Community again. We’ve got your back!

As always, thanks to those who worked with these individuals. We’ve got a great group of people here, and we’re even greater when we work together! :muscle:


Hi all!
What’s the time? Notable Newbie time! Taking another moment to see who joined and posted for the first time in Community this past week:

A warm welcome to @bixbynicole21, and @scapegoat who came to Community for some guidance with regard to technical issues. Please let us know if we can further assist with anything, Community is ready to help!

Next we have @servant386. Welcome! We’re eager to see you join Republic. @jben’s answer should’ve helped point you in the right direction as far as compatibility for BYOP, but holler if you need some more information.

@iamnikki took to Community when she realized she forgot to include the SIM card with her return. Thank you for making the extra effort to confirming everything was accounted for. In most cases, if you reach out like this, we’ll work with you :wink:

“Hi” & “welcome” to @michaelb.cscvlw. It looks like @southpaw was able to get your technical issue resolved, but more importantly, how was the New Found Glory concert? :guitar:

A warm welcome to @danielr.xwocpd as well. They posted on one of our Republic Anywhere threads in regard to a compatibility issue with Norton. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and providing helpful information. An additional thanks to @louisdi for reaching out to Norton as well. Collaboration like this from diligent Community members is what we’re all about.

Last but not least, @TribalMethods, touched down in Community this week performing his due dilgence in regard to the purchase of a legacy RW phone. Sounds like you were able to address compatibility, plan, and coverage questions, thanks to the feedback from fellow members @rolandh, @billg, and @michellen. Let us know how it all pans out!

Thanks for taking a moment or two to look this over and learn a bit more about those who joined Community this week. If you have time before the Thanksgiving holiday, head over to this post @aFloridian created this last week and let us know what about RW you’re thankful for. If you’re hitting the dusty trails before next Tuesday, have a safe and happy Turkey Day! :turkey:


Thank you for the shout-out.

The support team here is incredibly helpful and I am thoroughly looking forward to being a part of this amazing team of people.

I have tried various other “alternative” service providers with meager success. I can’t wait to test out Republic Wireless. SIM card and new phone are on the way!

I decided it was best to get with a 3.0 plan. The older phones for the Refund plans are either 1. Underpowered or 2. Have weak batteries that are non-removable (I’m looking at you Moto X!) I could of course yank them open to replace the batteries, but I figured this wasn’t worth the trouble.

Total cost of everything I needed to get the service was more than reasonable thanks to shopping on eBay :smiley:
Moto G 4 Play = $60 used
SIM Card + shipping = $10
$15 plan = $17.25 total.
Total: $87.25

Not bad considering I’ll get my money back within 4 months since I am now saving $17.75 a month.


Hi @johnw.p9hkrw,

We’re excited to see your money-saving skills! What I don’t see on your purchase list is a protective case for that Moto G4 Play. Could we send you an Incipio Dual Pro as a little welcome-to-our-Community gift?

And if you’d like your username changed to something more pronounceable, just let us know!


Thank you for the warm welcome, and thank you for pointing out that I forgot a case…

That would be a wonderful and much appreciated gift. :smile:

Also yes please do change my username to John Westund


John this is a public site and most people use a form of their name or a handle. If I may suggest JohnWest to protect you’re identity!


I’m not worried about it. There are a lot of John Westlunds out there. Can’t do anything with a mere name anyway… They don’t even have my middle name. There are a few people out there even with my same exact full name.

Besides. It’s not like your identity is ever safe anyway. This is apparent with the recent huge leaks of social security numbers :wink: I’m sure you’re aware of what I speak.


No problem just being friendly in this community. Welcome to Republic’s community.


Thank you :smile:

Glad to be a part of this revolutionary service.


Time to look back on another week in Community and welcome some more Notable Newbies. After all, you’re only a Newbie once!

@justinh.eykkso wrote in asking about a trade-in program. The conversation didn’t stop with the answer that we don’t offer such a program, it went on to explore some options for repair. @justinh.eykkso, please let us know what you ended up deciding!

@jenkinrocket joined a conversation about a new way we’ve surprised members with some free basic data. Unfortunately the surprise was on us, as it wasn’t working for him as we had anticipated. @jenkinrocket please let us know if you still need help with that!

@ruth1 wrote in during a brief outage we experienced on Saturday. @ruth1 thanks for checking in Community when things didn’t seem to be working. We’re glad to be able to get answers for you.

ryanb.phana9 brought us an interested question about phone compatibility as well as a question about why our numbers can’t be ported to Cricket Wireless. We’re still eager to work with you @ryanb.phana9, please let us know what Amazon said about returns.

@emazhuve raised a good question about keeping a Moto G 1st gen running by removing some of what has filled the storage space available to it. This is a common problem for some of our older phones, and a good topic to have discussed in Community. @emazhuve, we hope you’ll come back and let us know if you were able to get the phone back in good working order.

And finally, we welcome @juventino for sparking a nice conversation about freezing an account for an extended vacation. While it’s not a feature we offer, it’s certainly good to hear the feedback and know that it’s something people are looking for.

For those mentioned above as well as those who were not individually mentioned, please know that we always welcome your conversations, questions, and feedback. Please don’t be shy! Thanks, each of you who posted this week. Your question will help others with similar questions find the answers they need.


Time to take a moment and recognize this week’s Notable Newbies. These are the folks who joined and posted for the first time in the past week:

Welcome to @lindseyporter9 and @robc, who both reached out to Community after opening tickets. Please let us know if you need further assistance, otherwise, keep working with out technicians and they’ll be sure to get you a resolution.

@juventino, @mjp01 touched down this week inquiring about different facets of RW’s service. Whether members have the ability for freeze accounts, and if we throttle once members hit their data usage. Glad we were able to get you some answers via @louisdi and @rolandh.

We also welcome @gutthans, @hmalissa, who had some questions about our serivce in regard to number transfers. @Karl_B also asked about a number transfer as well while upgrading. We have some cases for G5 Plus devices as well as a SIM card if you’d like- let us know if you’re interested. We’re glad to see all of you join Republic, and feel free to reach out to the Community members should you have any questions in the future.

A “hi there” and “welcome” @gocool and @alexg.ngr9dm who posed some great discussion topics in the forums this week. We’re always glad to have members examine timely, interesting subjects and how they relate to Republic. This allows others to weigh in and share their perspectives, and that’s an important aspect of healthy Communities.

@Surfelvis and @chief_strongbow sought some help this week, one checking the status of their order, the other needing assistance with WiFi connectivity while abroad. We hope you were able to get these issues resolved, but please let us know if you need us to follow up on anything.

Thanks again to all who posted, and all who responded to these new members :slight_smile: Until next time!


It’s time again for Notable Newbies! Without further delay, lets get into it:

@caro, @Tcsmith1s, @Dyltra all had issues with their E4’s due to a bug we’re working on. Let us know if you all still need help- a ticket would be the way to go so you can work with our technicians.

@jessehorn and @halibree had inquiries about BYOP. We’ll be eager to hear how your new phones pan out.

The following folks came to the Community with technical issues. Sounds like your fellow Community members were able to help: @stacyw.pjnfus, @dblang4, @soaplady4, @johnl.2agg4s, @rellerie, @dantheboxer95. For those who are still working towards a solution, keep troubleshooting with us, we’re here to help.

@roseGr, @joeld.uearfd both reached out with questions specific to our service and upgrading. Glad to see you sticking with us as you all transition to some newer devices!

These users: @Finkman, @RobertF1, @sommer4966, all came visited and posted this past week due to some difficult and frustrating support experiences. We want to get these issues sorted out for you all, and appreciate you working with us. If you need Community members or staff to follow up on anything else, please let us know.

@tamaram.okzo91 posted in several places about our 14-day money back guarantee. We didn’t see a response from you, so hopefully you got some help. Don’t worry if you’ve run into issues with your return, we’re always willing to work with members in cases like yours.

@jayma figured out another member’s question about removing Google feed. Thanks for circling back and letting us know! We’re sure this will help several members.

That’s all she wrote folks. Thanks as always to those who helped out on these members’ posts. Have a great week!


Aaaaaand we’re back! Let’s take a moment and meet the Notable Newbies from this last week:

With the announcement of the new My Choice plans, several members emerged and posted for the first time in Community. We’d like to thank @jeffreys.8hlm06, @benjamind.4oobav, @Kitty_Meow, and @todbran for weighing in and adding to the discussion of this new development in RW’s service.

In the same vein, we had some individuals pose some great discussion topics this week. @alisonnic mentioned Republic Anywhere, asking about the call capabilities we mentioned when we announced it. We’re still aiming to add a call feature, hang in there with us! @niemasensu also mentioned a feature they’d like to see as part of our call records: voicemail transcription. @DavidKashton added the discussion topic of iPhones/Apple devices, compared to Android devices. Thanks for offering insight based on your experience with both operating systems, and thank you to you all for bringing up the features and concepts you’d like to see at RW. These topics allow other Community members to weigh in and allow us to understand the ideal user-experience more.

Welcome to @mikev.ci9cfh and @jaysonc.uexexp, who both asked how their device upgrades would affect their plans with Republic. We’ll be eager to hear how you all like your new plans and phones!

And finally, we had a few Community members come in with some support issues and inquiries: @quanghieuci @parkers.xhpsx1, and @ConceptuallyDescried. Thanks for bringing these to the Community, and please let us know if you need further assistance.

Welcome to these new folks, we hope you’ll return to Community soon or whenever you need help, advice, or opinion from other RW members. Thanks to those who helped them out and/or joined the discussions.

I’ll be back next week with more Newbies, then we’ll take a break until the new year!


I’m looking forward to this feature! It’ll be cool if I can call from my macbook pro because I rarely use a tablet. Nevertheless, this is going to be a great feature!


Appreciate the mention and I’d love to see voicemail transcription added… I’m really bummed out that I don’t have it anymore since moving to republic.