Notable Newbies: Welcome!


I’m looking forward to this feature! It’ll be cool if I can call from my macbook pro because I rarely use a tablet. Nevertheless, this is going to be a great feature!


Appreciate the mention and I’d love to see voicemail transcription added… I’m really bummed out that I don’t have it anymore since moving to republic.


Better late than never! It’s time for the last Notable Newbie post of 2017! :tada: I will try and keep this week’s post brief, assuming you are all rushing out for last-minute gifts, or gearing up for some downtime with your loved ones (or maybe I’m projecting). Regardless, let’s get into it:

Hi and welcome to some folks who had some technical issues and general problem solving questions that brought them to the forums this week! @guido22, @charlenetcd, @barbara.musch all had questions having to with upgrading, @wendy asked for some advice about battery issues, @imyzonek inquired about the effectiveness of a factory reset for selling a phone, @lindag.tj3jqj sought assistance troubleshooting a router issue that affected WiFi calling, and @tomm.mgds3w was able to get a solution to his question about dual SIM compatibility with RW service.

Welcome to @calebg.7cbfmg who responded to our post about Relay. Thanks for your interest and we hope to be able to answer all of your questions as we develop this product more.

With the announcement of our My Choice plans, we also had some folks comment and ask questions, welcome to those members: @sawood6.626, @bri, @dennisg.t3mdzs! Thanks for joining the discussion and letting us know how these changes have affected you.

I’d also like to wish a warm welcome to a couple of people who joined on some older threads, offering suggestions and insight: @nealx.iqljnp gave their input for solutions to a battery drain issue, and @IrishBrewer have their account of using a carrier-unlocked device. Glad you all came to the forums, browsed through, and contributed to these threads. It’s shared knowledge like this that really strengthens what Community does.

Troubleshooting is what brings many RW members to Community, and we had a few that were able to get some help with their support tickets: @wcader, @richardkauai, @tonik, and @LeahDee. Please continue working with the agents in your ticket, and let us know if we can check up on anything for you.

And last but certainly not least…

“Welcome!” to self-proclaimed newbie, @sams.atsdg7. We’re glad to have you join Republic and the Community, please come back if you have any questions, or want to engage with other super RW members!

Allllright! Everyone have safe and happy holidays! I’ll catch you all in 2018 :slight_smile:


Notable Newbies are back!
We skipped the first week of 2018, but are back this week to welcome some new users here in the Community. Please take a minute to read over this week’s highlights and join me in welcoming them!

We had several folks come to the forums this week seeking some help and advice for troubleshooting technical issues with their phones:
@chrisrp454, @jonjam, and @tanyap.vj7fc8 all had some connectivity issues (Bluetooth, WiFi and cell) with their phones, @davidh.jrzeyu and @da.foy8 had some questions about notification settings, @chrisc.pfcwtg had a Moto G4 Plus with an invalid card error message, and @Ruins asked about enabling a voicemail icon. We’re glad you all came to the Community for help. Welcome! Thanks to those who were able to help these folks find a solution, and for those of you who are still seeking a solution, keep faith; Community is here to help!

Some members who use Anywhere sought assistance here this past week as well. @Oreolord was unable to sign into Anywhere as a result of an outage we had last week- thanks for posting and let us know if you’re still having issues. @jwey was able to deduce their issue with contacts in Anywhere was a ‘user error’, but thanks for circling back and letting us know.

Thanks and welcome to @Davidu.q3sh29 who responded to other member’s post with glitchy ghost touch issues and recommended turning down the screen brightness. We appreciate you contributing and sharing based on your experience.

I’d like to welcome another group of members who had some questions about Republic’s service this week as well: @Jonathanle and @UminOtoko, thanks for asking your questions about our service lines and the ability to share/swap numbers. @Herbie22 had a question about an upgrade to an Moto X 2nd Gen. and wanted to know if they could keep their Refund plan. Thanks to @drm186 for finding a solution for all three of these Community members.

A ‘welcome’ to @Kangaroo_Ninja who posted about an activation they thought they “dun goofed”. Thanks to @rolandh for helping them out, and we’re glad to see you two are off on a good foot :wink: @Kangaroo_Ninja keep us posted on how you like your G4, and Community will be here to help with any other questions you have in the future!

Finally, a few people who were able to start some good discussions in the forums these past 7 days. @allanc.vgkdwa asked about using WiFi and making phone calls at the same time. Looks like you got several responses from our staff, Ambassadors, Experts and fellow Community members, let us know if we can help clear this question up more.

@labcoat posted about the Moto Z Oreo update. Unfortunately we’re at the mercy of Motorola on this one, but thanks for bringing this up in Community and allowing your peers to discuss.

@peterm.apcmv6 wrote in with a suggestion for voicemail notifications. We appreciate you sharing your experience with VM and can’t wait to see how the rest of the forum members chime in on this!

That’s all for this week. I hope you all have had a good start to the year. :+1: I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for the Community and Republic Wireless, hope you’re all excited too!


Hi all! Time for this week’s installment of Notable Newbies! Please take some time to learn who our new members are and what they’re talking about in their first posts in the forums. Let’s get into it:

Please join me in welcoming @Scottd and @obbrockmeyer! Both of them asked the same question about transferring their number into Republic (great, inquiring minds think alike): “Do you need to have an active service line before initiating the transfer?” Thanks to both of you for bringing these to the community, and double-thanks to those who answered their questions. We’ll see if we can improve our documentation about number transfers to make this answer more clear in the future.

Welcome to @roberth.2arqml who was curious about all the steps involved in upgrading their phone (how to keep their phone number, how to transfer any data, and what plans will their new phone be on). We hope the replies from your fellow Community members were helpful and answered all of your questions. If any more come up, please let us know. Also, feel free to check in and let us know how you like the new phone and plans!

We had a couple of folks in the forums this week come forth with some good suggestions that sparked informative discussions. @marc posted about a workaround to use FB messenger for SMS/MMS. @shaneh.vdyaqy was having trouble with their data connection until they tried rebooting their phone (which fixed the problem). Welcome to both of you and thanks for sharing your experiences with the Community. We’ll be eager to see what others suggest as they encounter these issues and comment on the forums.

‘Hi’ and ‘welcome’ to @paulfenlon who asked when Oreo will be available on their Moto G5 Plus. The rollout of system updates are determined by the manufacturer/Motorola, so there is no time we can give unfortunately. Thanks for checking in here and stay tuned to the Community! We’re sure once folks start getting the update they’ll let the Community know.

Welcome to @jamese.mtnchb who posted about a battery drain issue and was assisted by @drm186 in finding a solution.

@kevins.6udile (answered by @littletoucan) sought help figuring out how to have their bill cycle date and data cycle start at the same time.

@mariar.shfzwa wanted to make sure their phone is unlocked and free to be used with another carrier. ‘Thank you’ to the Community members who answered their question and advised them to make sure the phone will definitely work with their new carrier, and thank you to those who responded to @kevins.6udile as well.

Finally, we had two new members post in our 2017 recap thread: @barbaram.vwuwyg gave their recollection of Republic’s initiative for those impacted by 2017 hurricanes, and @salhat, who joined RW 6 months ago posted about their experience so far. Thank you to both of you for your insight and perspective as RW members, and welcome to the Community! We hope you’ll return for any support-related needs/questions or just a lively discussion from time-to-time :slight_smile:

I’ll talk to you all in a week (I’ll be posting from our Pop-up shop in downtown Raleigh, NC). Thanks for taking the time to read through this week’s post, and welcoming these new folks!


Hey there Community. I’m hanging out in the Pop-up Shop :rw:this week (with fellow RW employees @mandyr, @timm, Alex, and Janice), but still wanted to shout-out and welcome this week’s Notable Newbies. Here we go…

We had some members write in this week for some problem-solving assistance. ‘Welcome’ to:

@brooke who had an issue with calls from a specific number coming through. Our Community suggested you move to a ticket- please let us know if you need someone to follow up on it on your behalf.

@jlchlmrs posted seeking troubleshooting assistance as well. It sounds like @jben’s solution worked for you, but please continue to work with our steadfast Community if the problem is persisting

@LJWeiss had issues with the speaker phone setting on their Alcatel A30. Please let us know how troubleshooting is going, our Community members are eager to help with this!

@garym.zxafx3 sought assistance trying to figure out their why they’re not able to move app icons on their J3. We see this isn’t quite solved yet, but trust our Community will work hard to get you a resolution.

We also had some folks come to the Community who had questions about upgrading and moving their service over to Republic:

@riverstracey asked question about porting that our members were able to solve. Let us know if you need help completing your port.

@adamz.ui1tfi and @willt posted about upgrading and wanted to know how it would affect their plan.

Republic Anywhere was a point of interest for two newbies this week:

@lonelyhiker posted in our Anywhere feature request thread, about their need for notifications once you receive texts. @Auslander, who just joined RW, added to chorus of individuals who’d like Anywhere to be web-based app. Thank you to you both for your input, and welcome to the Community!

Here are some more newbies I’d like to welcome this week:

@salhat commented on 2017 Recap post. Thanks for your support! We’re glad to have you as an RW member.

@mhh548 just joined RW from another carrier and posed a question about installing Oreo Beta OS on their S8. Thanks for taking the time to research prior to installing.

@wpasers.pzcoxt commented on a thread about Google Datally. This thread is especially interesting with our service, as we know many members work hard to budget their data as much as possible. Thanks for letting us know how your experience with the app went. We hope to learn more about members’ take on its compatibility with our services and products.

And the last but not least ‘welcome’ goes to @christines.dhwgec, who posted on thread created by another member in search of a case for their G5 S Plus. Thanks for sharing, looks like your suggestions are already helping a few members find a suitable case!

Thanks to all who helped these folks out! :star2: I’ve got a few more hours left in the Pop Up shop for the day. If you’re in the downtown Raleigh area, come check us out. Check you all later!


As January draws to a close, it’s time again for Notable Newbies. We’re spotlighting some new users who posted for the first time in the past week. Please take some time to get to know these folks, and what brought them here:

Welcome to @kellyj3710, who asked about BYOP compatibility for the Samsung S8. We hope you were able to find a compatible phone, please come back if you still need help getting started with Republic.

@michaelb.3knajk asked question about calling a Canadian number. Please let us know you still need assistance solving this issue.

@eric123 sought some insight from the Community for removing his name from caller id, which was solved by @rolandh. Thanks for posting and welcome to the forums.

@gfpg0e posted because the Republic app was not working with the custom ROM. We see you got a response from two of our ambassadors, let us know if you need further assistance.

@BenShep added to a thread another member posted concerning their loose charging port in their Moto X 2nd Gen. Sounds like your best bets would be a repair or a new device, but please let us know if you find another solution. Another member discovered some pesky lint to be the culprit when they had the same issue!.

@wouter came to Community this week because they were unable to mute some of their incoming calls. It looks like you’ve gotten a few proposed directions to head in, keep the Community posted and we’ll continue to help you out.

Welcome to @stephenm1, who wanted to make sure their order for their phone went through. Thanks for alerting us, and continuing to work in your ticket. Our support agents should be able to get this straightened out for you, but feel free to come back to the Community should any other issues come up.

@sniko781 recently joined RW, and posted in our General Discussions about being inundated with spam calls since they joined. We hope fellow Community members, as well as our Community Manager, and support staff in your ticket have eased some of your concerns about this. We all know how frustrating spam calls can be, and want to help reduce them if possible. We’ll be eager to hear the outcome of your experience with our support team. Hopefully the situation improves. Thanks for posting, and ‘welcome’!

@smalling123 posted twice since joining this past week in an effort to help some fellow members who posted about restoring text messages and transferring files to their PC. Thanks for chiming in and helping these members out! We’re always glad to see folks jump in and add to the collective efforts of Community. also posted a few times because they’re considering switching to Republic. Thanks for taking the time to research and see if we are a good fit for you (we hope we are!:crossed_fingers:). We’ll be here if any other questions or concerns come up as you make the switch. Welcome!

Last but not least is a new member to the Community you’ll want to check out. Welcome @JeremySCook and thank you for posting today about your ROBOT :robot:, the ClearWalker Strandbeest! We’re sure fellow Community and Republic members will enjoy reading how you use your phone in robotic harmony with such an awesome device. Not to mention some of us are jealous of the Clearwater, FL scenery. We hope to see you back, and would love any updates you provide in the future.

Farewell Community, I’ll catch you in a week!


Hi @Andi_B

While this thread may not get a lot of activity, thank-you for welcoming new community members!.

I think being personally welcomed to the community is awesome, compared to a generic “welcome”, at least in my opinion. :relaxed:


Thanks @c1tobor! @Andi_B was just commenting today on how quiet this thread is! We don’t intend it to be just our space to welcome new members, we hope others will join in to help our newest Community members feel right at home.


Thanks @c1tobor! That really means a lot. I WAS just commenting on the activity levels as @southpaw mentioned…I’m glad you think they’re meaningful and I hope new members and established ones alike might get a little something out of these posts. I very much enjoy writing them :slight_smile:, so activity or no activity, I’ll keep churning 'em out, and/or looking for ways to improve upon them.


Thank you for all your great work on these posts…perhaps some Kahoot challenges may invite members to delve deeper into these posts!




Hello…is it me you’re looking for? No? Of course not. Because it’s our Newbies you’re looking for! It’s that time again folks. Please join me in welcoming the following Community members this week:

@brianp.motog5plus posted in our Q&A section about an influx of spam calls now that they’ve upgraded to a G5 Plus it looks like both @rolandh and @lindag.tj3jqj were able to offer some solutions/explanations. Hopefully one of them will aid in reducing the spam calls. Thanks for bringing this to the Community, we know this happens to a lot of folks.

@rickh.jb8dw2 touched down in our Greetings and Introduction thread, and let us know a bit himself- he runs a wireless support agency. Thanks for sharing! We hope to see some more activity in the future especially with your expertise in cell and wireless.

@ctrexler001 wrote in this week out of interest in Republic. @louisdi was able to answer your question- unfortunately we would not be a great fit as we do not have coverage in Hawaii. Nevertheless we appreciate you checking us out and doing the proper research. Best of luck!

@pauls.9xsltr also posted in our Q&A section, regarding an order and the relationship between SIM cards and service lines/phone numbers. Looks like our Community members were able to clear things up for you. Feel free to return if any other questions come up.

@juninho23 came to Community in hopes of changing their billing cycle date, which ultimately resulted in a Help ticket creation. While we do not have the ability to change members’ billing date, we’re glad you brought this to the forums to discuss and work through.

@Amanda also introduced herself, and lets just say you guys and gals should check out her post for the picture of her pets AT LEAST! :cat2::dog2: If you read further, you’ll learn about what brought her to RW, where’s she’d most like to visit, and more!

Another discussion about coverage with RW came from @ithink2020, who is in Omaha. Thanks for posing this to question to your fellow members. Hopefully the S8 you’re interested in getting will work with our service. As our community manager suggested, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team should you have coverage issues.

@senseijeff * bows * was able to discuss with @rolandh his need to transfer files from his computer to his new E4 Plus. We’ll be eager to hear what works for you- sounds like you’re on track to get them moved over.

@mariec.uyw3ru needed to do some problem-solving in the Community this week and was able to get some help from fellow members @drm186 and @Jedi_n. If you’re having coverage issues, we recommend submitting a Help ticket, but it’s good you sought to identify which coverage you had first. Please don’t hesistate to return to the forums if you need help with anything else.

Welcome to the representative from @anyfi, who came to the Community to engage with members and see how they were enjoying their app. We’re glad to see another organization meeting their members where they are and actively seeking their feedback. :slight_smile:

@jacobm.iy3jqr needed to cancel an order and inquired how to do so this week. If you open a help ticket, our support staff should be able to assist with canceling your order.

@brianr.88f48w was able to work with our Community Manager and @andreas to get a new SIM for their Samsung S8. Thanks for persevering and getting a hold of us to get his worked out. Let us know if we can help with anything else.

@whittw.oaiap0 chimed in on the discussion: WMM vs. QOS, Advantages and Disadvantages. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with the Community

And last, but not least, @VampyKit posted today to find out the stock status of our E4s. We hope to have the phone back in stock, and appreciate you checking in the forums.

Thanks for reading through, everyone. I’m glad to see all these new members in Community and the response from fellow members. I’ll get back with you all next week!


Hey there and happy early Valentine’s day. Next week, we’ll be spreading the love in our Pop-up Show and here in Community. This week, I’d like to call out 26 :tada: newbies. Please welcome and get to know:

@atdrennen asked about dual SIMs with Republic to improve the call forwarding he’s been using his RW phone for.

@JKMTheWise posted in our Problem Solving category because their phone was not connecting to cell. We’re here to help, we just need some more information

@chriss.lti81u posted on the thread about 3rd party verification, because they’re having trouble confirming their number with Zelle.

@katien.dnxvak just purchased a G5 Plus and posted to the thread: Does Republic Wireless ever grandfather in phone sale prices?, hoping to have the sale price of the phone honored. Thanks for reaching out, if you open a Help ticket we’ll assess from there if we’re able to do anything.

@joea.q7obyl started a thread in our Question & Answers category, asking about voicemail setup. Fellow Community member @drm186 was able to answer- hopefully that eases some of your concerns about the setup process and permissions.

@riddkids posted for the first time to the Community this week, needing help moving between screens on their Moto X Pure. Thanks for posting this to the community, we see that as of a few days ago you still haven’t found a solution, but found possibly a cause for the issues. If you’d like to keep troubleshooting, we’ll be here to help!

@romanrobem is not a fan of Android 7, would like to downgrade to Android 6, and was asking about Republic’s stance on the modification. Thanks for bringing this to the forums, it looks like @louisdi was able to provide some insight, let us know if other questions come up.

@Zippety.doodah wrote in because they needed to pair the Moto E4 to their car’s Bluetooth. Let us know if those suggestions from @littletoucan and @TheDoctor helped :slight_smile:

@Pubelodude posted about their experience with RW and getting a friend to join. Thanks for spreading the word about us and helping your friend join the RW family!

@RodgerF posted on the thread, App for Restoring Text Messages from Semi-Dead Phone, because his Moto G3 is having similar issues. Hang in there, the community will work on troubleshooting and hopefully get you a solution.

@OldGuy1944 wrote in our Problem Solving category because they were not receiving voicemail message notifications. We appreciate you bringing this to the forums and are glad some other members we able to offer suggestions. Let us know if you find a solution, we’re eager to hear.

@midacts was in search of ringback tones when they came to the Community yesterday. They’re not in the works, as @rolandh mentioned, but we’re glad you checked here.

@stevencee posted hoping to find out if he could set notification volume different from ringer volume. @TheDoctor offered a solution, hopefully that works, but if not we’ll jump right back in and see if there’s a way.

@frankn.nvljif also needs some troubleshooting help due to issues with reception on their G5 S Plus. You mentioned the “service provider” in your post. We’ll do our best to help you out, but be sure to let us know if your phone is with a provider other than Republic Wireless.

We has several folks come to Community from @shannono‘s post about saving with RW: ‘welcome’ and thanks for sharing your savings experience: @Minuit85, @camilleb.mawdzq, @alexandral.vdf2b4, @Lowcarbmom, @blkwolf007, @robertav, @redwallfan, @edenm.ti2ajm, @joanwortmann, @ChefHorst, and @Megan.A!

This week’s post was longer than usual, but we had some really great posts from newbies. Thanks for taking the time to read through it, and thanks to those who carried on the conversation and helped these folks out. See you next week!


Wow, that’s a ton of newbies! Excited to see that you’re all diving in, sharing, and helping each other out. :star_struck:


Hey there Community folks! It’s time again to meet this week’s Newbies! We had some people come in with questions and problem solving issues that needed solutions, as well as some members who posted in general discussions. Lets take a look: posted under our Q&A section because they were receiving multiple prompts to reactivate their phone every 4-5 days. We’re glad you were able to come to the Community and get some help. It looks like you’re on track to get this resolved via a Help ticket, but please return and let us know if you need further assistance.

@edwardmartin1 posted in our savings thread:

@edwardmartin1 What are some of your favorites? We’ve got some top-notch breweries here in Raleigh! Trophy is pretty great :beers:

@codyd.pta2z2 posted this week about moving their Moto X 2nd gen to another carrier. @cbwahlstrom was able to answer your question, we hope you’re able to get over to your new carrier successfully. Let the Community know if we can help!

@Mrupp43 also posted in our Question & Answer category about moving their Chrome icon on their home screen and got a solution from another Community member. We’re hoping you’re enjoying your X4!

@maggiec.djt9hp wrote in a longstanding thread about past phones, because she misses her flip phone. Sorry we’re not able to offer those throwbacks, but let the Community know if you’re interested in any of our newer devices, we’re always happy to offer insight.

@Badger came to Community looking for a better alternative to their Moto X Pure. Our other members have teamed up to suggest new devices, as well as possible solutions to the headaches your X Pure is causing. We’ll be eager to hear what new phone you land on!

Last but not least, @dianm.l4c0na is still working with us to resolve an issue with her G5 Plus not receiving calls properly. Hang in there! We’ll keep working with you to get a resolution.

Thanks to all who took the time to read through this weeks post, and thanks to those who welcomed these Newbies. I’ll be back next week with more!


Happy Tuesday Community! :tada: I’m a bit later than usual, but here are this past week’s Newbies! Commence with your applause for them! :clap:

@davidmshah came to our Question and Answer category because Republic Anywhere was not working on Note 8 after the latest Android OS update. After a suggestion from @TheDoctor, a quick uninstall/reinstall. Thanks for circling back and letting us know what worked. That always maximizes the Community efforts.

@velociraptor is planning to travel out of the country, and asked about setting an automatic text reply for their service while they’re out gone and unable to respond. Our members were able to offer some alternatives, hopefully between Anywhere and IfTTT, Zapier, etc. , you’ll be able to find a solution.

@memyselfandiandall commented on the announcement: New! Quickly Block Unknown Calls from the Republic Wireless App , because they’ve been seeing an influx of spam calls. We appreciate you bringing this up and allowing others who are having similar issues to weigh in. We know spam calls are incredibly frustrating hope to alleviate some of our members’ concerns with this new feature.
@ejlane also posted in this announcement in order to help and get clarification from a fellow member in the thread. Thanks for jumping in and joining the conversation, making sure you we’re aware of the full context.

@donnas.ju599y needed some help troubleshooting and posted in our Problem Solving category that keeps displaying the error message “Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls”. Please let us know if you need further assistance once you’ve worked with our agents in your Help ticket.

@kylebucklin also sought assistance from the Community because they keep receiving calls from an individual claiming he’s calling them. This is likely spam, as @drm186 suggested, but if you’d like to have our technicians look further into it, please submit a Help ticket.

@brentb.pu0hhm posted a suggestion to improve voicemail. He was able to work through some solutions with @rolandh, and was then selected as a random prize winner in our Love Our Members thread. Thanks again for working with your fellow Community members and letting them know they were helpful.

We had an individual post in the Community this week, who is interested in joining Republic. Welcome to @AdLiB! We hope the responses you received will help you make the switch to RW. Please let the Community know if you have other questions that come up and we’ll be happy to help!

Another troubleshooter this week was @paul, who was having trouble connecting to his work WiFi for making calls. Please continue keeping us posted, we’re eager to learn what is causing this.

@stevil2001 posted because their voice has suddenly gotten difficult to hear on their Moto G 1st Gen. We’re glad to hear you were able to self-solve this issue Macgyver-style!

@Yujnhsd popped into Community yesterday to comment on the thread Google Datally: A new data management app. Thanks for sharing your experience with other apps in comparison.

Hi and welcome to @moose, who needed assistance fixing the sound on their G5 Plus which suddenly stopped working. Hang in there and keep troubleshooting with us, we’ll be sure to get you a resolution.

I’d like to also thank @charless.lgzled for posting and commenting in our My Choice Plans thread. He is a fan of the Refund plan and has chosen to look for a new carrier now that his phone has kicked-the-bucket. We appreciate you sharing your experience with the Community. Best of luck and please let the us know if we can assist with the transition to your new carrier.

As always, many thanks to those who jumped in and responded to these folks. I’ll be back next week for our first Newbies post in March! :calendar:


Hi all! I’ve got your Newbies for this first week of March. Please join me in welcoming the following individuals that came roaring in like :lion:s:

@calvins posted this week for the first time because they are using data rapidly, and their WiFi keeps dropping. We’re ready to help you out and look into this. Please let the Community know in a new post what’s going on so we can focus on getting a resolution.

@JedTheKrampus also posted, in hopes that RW will introduce the Galaxy S9 to it’s lineup. We don’t have anything we can disclose, but let us know if you’d like help troubleshooting the WiFi connectivity issues you’re having.

@HG315 is trying to pair their E 2nd Gen. to a cordless phone, and sought advice from the Community a couple of days ago. It looks like you got a couple of responses from members, we’ll see what we can do to help you out with this.

@adrianneg sought help because she is also having connectivity issues with her Nexus 6P. We agree that submitting a Help ticket would be the way to go for this issue, but we appreciate you doing the preliminary research with your fellow Community members.

@vince5251 posted in our General Discussions category due to the new(to him) requirement to include an area code in all of his outbound calls with RW service. We’re glad to see other members joining in with explanations for why this is, and possible workarounds. Please let us know if you end up using the app suggested, and how you like it.

Last but not least, @ira413 posted for the first time today in our Kudo & Win topic. Thanks for participating in this feedback thread. We gain a lot of insight from these posts, and they allow us to give recognition to our hard-working support squad!

It was a short, but still very impactful list of Newbies this week. We thank you all for joining us in the lively conversations that occur here in Community, and hope to see you again! Many thanks to those steadfast, non-newbies that helped these folks out!

Until next time!


And we’re back! We’ve got several Notable Newbies that I’d like to extend a welcome to this week. These individuals posted for the first time in the past 7 days, be it in search of technical support/assistance, to ask questions about RW’s service, or to introduce themselves to the Community:

@gracef posted in @louisdi’s thread about unlocked phone compatibility. Thanks for taking the time to research and ask your fellow Community members prior to purchasing a phone.

@RogerTDJ chimed in on a thread from a few months ago about the Essential Phone PH-1 in order to clear up some questions about the compatibility-checking process. It looks like a couple of members were able to address your questions. We don’t have plans to support that phone, but we hope your understanding of how phone compatibility at Republic works has improved through conversation with the Community.

@michael.dunkerton was able to work through the issue of being limited when on their work WiFi. We’re glad the suggestions offered worked. Thanks for circling back and letting us know you were back in working-order!

@Sandy needed assistance with WiFi settings. We’re still prepared to help with this. Just let us know if you need further assistance fixing the settings on your E4.

@zahraf asked about changing phones and updating their number in this post. It looks like our Community members were able to steer you in right direction and offer some alternatives. Best of luck moving to the new phone, and please keep us posted if you need help transitioning over anything else. posted expressing his wish to budget data, as was possible in the earlier days of RW. We appreciate you bringing this to the table for others to weigh in. While it’s not possible with current versions of the RW app, other Community members, like @littletoucan were able to offer their methods for managing data.

@logann.mhezgb needed assistance while switching to a new provider that is asking for APN settings. If you’re still having trouble moving over, let the Community know- we’re here to help!

@Rick1 came to our Q&A category because he was automatically assigned a non-local number upon activating his phone. We’re glad you were able to get a solution- a number change request should do the trick.

@xren posted in our Greetings and Introductions thread, this past week and has been with Republic for 2 years! Thanks for sharing and coming out of the shadows to post. @mwc also posted in our introductions thread. Thanks to you as well, for letting the Community know a bit about yourself! :slight_smile:

Last but not least, @mhvt sought some troubleshooting assistance from the Community because text messages from a family member were showing the wrong phone number. Please let us know if switching to Anywhere helps, as well as if the other steps suggested resolve the issue.

That’s all for this week. We had 11 awesome members contribute and we are so thankful they did! We hope they come back whenever they need help, or just want to get to know the Community a bit better :slight_smile: I’ll be back in a week with some more newbies. Can’t wait! :star2:


Good morning all! In a career-first move, I’m posting this week’s Newbies before lunchtime :sandwich: (in an effort to not be late for my volleyball practice this evening :grimacing:)!

Please take a moment to read this over and welcome these individuals:

@LukeInTX posted in an established thread about temporarily stopping service, as he will be out of the country for a couple months. Per your fellow member, that shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for checking the Community, welcome, and have a great time in Thailand!

@copperhamster created a thread in our Question & Answers section, asking if they can bring an Amazon G5 Plus to RW. Let us know if we can answer any more questions, sounds like you’re all set up with your SIM card too.

@jason152318 also started a thread in the same Q&A section, hoping to get some insight as to which underlying carrier he has. If at any point after activating the phone you have poor coverage, you can always reach out to the Community or our Help team. Thanks for taking the time to research and ask questions prior to purchasing.

@jenifert.pi512s was able to solve a problem she was having with an error message about her SIM card. She was unable to send texts, but with the help of the Community, she fixed it. We appreciate you troubleshooting with us and then following up with the solution. This may help other readers of the Community who have the same problem in the future.

@christineg.uoqrfx is a newbie who wanted to know how she could transfer her number over to Republic. If you still need assistance let us know- we’re here to help! Welcome to RW!

@russellcurrier is a Community newbie, who was gracious enough to share his story with us. For those of you who haven’t yet, be sure to check out his interview post, Member Spotlight: Russell Currier US Olympian, in which he describes what it’s like being an olympic biathlete! A tremendous amount of thanks to Russell for coming to the the forums answering his fellow Community members’ questions. Makes me wonder, if we have any other especially accomplished folks who’d like to share their stories with us :thinking:

And last, but never-to-be-considered-least, @stephenm.mzbolr stopped by yesterday to troubleshoot and discuss moving his RW SIM to another phone. Thanks to @drm186 for responding and pointing him in the right direction. We’ll be here if you have any other questions. Feel free to run the phone you’re considering buying by us, and we’ll do what we can to verify it’s compatible.

That’s all for this week. It’s so great to see these folks coming out and engaging here in the RW Community. It’s even more assuring to see long-standing members help them out and fuel the conversations. Thanks to all of you! Until next time!