Notable Newbies: Welcome!

I’m going to take a moment to spotlight some new usernames in the Community; please join me in extending a personal welcome.

@USMCBeth - Welcome, and thank you for your service! Please let us know if there’s anything we can help you with, and be sure to introduce yourself by reply the next time you log in!

@Scheills - Thanks for posting your question about your Nexus 6P, and for taking the time to thank @louisdi for the answer he gave. If it turns out you need a new SIM card, just let us know.

@polyptoton - We’re glad you’re here! Very sorry to read that your Moto G (3rd Gen)'s screen shattered. If you’d like to try a USB OTG adapter just let us know. Being able to transfer content from one phone to the other is one of our most common questions, and we know how important it is to you.

@jh.pre80k - Thanks for taking the time to read the Community Guidelines! We hope you found what you were looking for and will come back frequently!

@Wemmerling, You’re quiet, but you give out “Likes” and that makes people feel good! Thank you for contributing to the Community by letting people know you appreciate their posts as you read!

@ZadrugaGuy - Sorry, it’s too cool a username to ignore, even if you were hoping to lurk mysteriously! Thanks for completing the Community tutorial with Discobot! Now that you know how to use the Community, we hope you’ll be back to do more reading, liking, and even some posting.

@richards.2w6r3g - Thanks for asking about finding an Otterbox for your phone. Please let us know what you end up deciding upon, and whether you like it. If you’d like a less randomized username just let us know!

@sam6 - I have to know, why 6? Please let us know if we can help further with coverage issues that maybe affecting your phone as you shop in larger stores.

We thank each of you for joining our Community and being a part of the Republic. We’d love to get to know you better! Whether your username is listed above or not, please take a moment to reply below, and introduce yourself, by telling us a little about yourself, where you RW, why you’ve joined, what your area of expertise is (everybody has at least one!) and what we could do to make you feel more welcome.


Welcome everyone!


A warm welcome to a great Community. You’ll find a lot of knowledge and help here, as well as some lively discussions.

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Welcome @USMCBeth @Scheills @polyptoton @jh.pre80k @Wemmerling @ZadrugaGuy @richards.2w6r3g @sam6

The Community or Forum is one of the most unique things offered by RW, that has organically grown into a massive knowledgebase of members helping members. Admittedly, it can seem somewhat daunting at times… but if you browse around, you will find lots of valuable information.

The Help documents reside at the link below. But if you search for any content over there, it will also provide links back to community discussions that can sometimes provide additional insights and innovative workarounds that members have figured out and documented.
Republic Help

You may find this useful as you familiarize yourself with the forums


Thanks for the welcome. Its sam6 because “sam” was already taken so I just added my favorite number to it. :slight_smile:


Welcome to The Community! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :grin:


Hi & Welcome, @USMCBeth @Scheills @polyptoton @jh.pre80k @Wemmerling @ZadrugaGuy @richards.2w6r3g @sam6 (and of course any others that may see this)

What makes this 'a community’, is that all are free to join in providing Answers to others … you may be shocked to know that you’re not the only one that struggled with :thinking:


Time for this week’s round-up of Notable Newbies! Please join me in welcoming these folks to our Community. Maybe even drop them a Direct Message (DM) to say hi.

@rodneym.ffwmvw - We had to shake the cobwebs out of our memories when you surprised us with a question about our grandfathered Defy XT plan! Please let us know if you have any further questions. I actually had the pleasure of meeting in person one of our members still using the DEFY XT when I was in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago!

@leenanw.hv4snl, @sandraf.vdqz50, @siobhan.ariel, and @kirk414 - We appreciate all of you taking the time to ask questions in Community! We have lots of friendly, knowledgeable members here and they are always eager to help. Please don’t hesitate to follow up with additional questions if needed.

@Wdemeter - Thanks so much for chiming in on the thread about cases for the Z Play, and for following up after you did some fact-checking in a Verizon store! That’s going out of your way for our Community, and it’s really appreciated!

@beckerella - (Great name!) Congrats on completing the Discobot tutorial! We hope you’ll visit often… don’t be shy!

@Lisaw218 - We love folks who do their research before joining! Please let us know if you think of any additional questions.

@l33tlinuxh4x0r - Thanks so much for joining us, checking out our guidelines, reading up, and contributing! We are so glad to have you here!

We welcome all our new Community members, even the shy visitors who aren’t named on this list! Please take a moment to reply and introduce yourselves!


I’m eager to introduce everyone to our Notable Newbies for this week!

First, to those folks who signed in to discusses issues they were having: thanks for doing so! It may seem counter-intuitive that we’d thank you for talking about issues, but when you describe issues you’re having, and especially when you share the fixes, you help lots of others who don’t have the courage to post.
@allisonb.kvmwge, @amandaw.e065bk, @robertc.imqw7f, @isabeljason, @anyhelpatall, @bryanh.a0bta7, @jaydenc.jsdtcb, @jacobb, we appreciate your time troubleshooting in Community and hope you’ll let our Community know exactly what the fix turns out to be.

To @jonathan1 and @tylercos, who posted because the Pixel 2 Announcement made them wonder if RW would support the phone, thank you for your interest in bringing such a great phone to RW! Did you order??

@seymourp.ahhfkc, thanks for sharing your cruise ship experience. Other than the Wi-Fi, how was the cruise?!

We thank @theblackwhisker and @fjfiamingo for your conversations about operating system updates! We know that’s something that matters to our members. Please let us know if/when you get the anticipated updates!

@RegalSPC, thanks for creating content about data use! Any time a member has a sudden, unexpected spike in usage, it would be great if they’d be as prompt to ask about it and try to rein it in!

As always, those of you familiar with our Community, please welcome these newbies, here, or perhaps by DM. To those of you named tonight, please do take a moment to introduce yourselves, we’d love to get to know you better!


I did order the Pixel 2! (I may or may not have done so before asking but yes, yes I did!)


I can just hear the sound of thousands of fingers drumming impatiently on their desks, in eager anticipation of this week’s Notable Newbies. So with no further ado, I present to you our newest Community participants! Please join me in welcoming them to our Community!!

I’d like to warmly welcome @hikerguy62 who joined us with a question about reaching support, but then trusted the Community with his question about what to do if he does not have coverage in Asheboro. @hikerguy62, I’m interested in knowing more about your username and where you enjoy hiking, and hope you’ll post in Community again if you have any additional questions! For those who aren’t familiar with Asheboro, it’s a beautiful area with lots of rolling hills, as it is in the ancient (and very worn down) Uwharrie Mountains. It is also the home of the North Carolina Zoo.

Welcome also to @joshuag.t1jidz, who joined our Community seeking help with a matter that required some support intervention. Looking in on his ticket tonight, I’m confident we’re on a good path to getting everything taken care of, and we greatly appreciate the patience he has exhibited. @joshuag.t1jidz, I hope you’ll let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

A long-distance welcome to @carll.dmcuk0 who joined the Community from Canada and was kind enough to follow-up and report that a posted solution had worked! We really appreciate the follow-up response, @carll.dmcuk0, and we hope you enjoy your stay in Canada. Thanks, too for setting up your user profile and including such a friendly-looking avatar!

Special birthday welcome to @Phonehome who made his initial post in our PWK Birthday blog comments on his own birthday, then followed with a kind post gently reminding us all that no matter how much we may like things to stay the same, change is inevitable. As a brand new member, @Phonehome, your understanding of Republic Wireless’ genuine care for our members is remarkable.

Let’s also encourage @mr.clean, a self-described, “first time poster, longtime forum stalker” to continue to participate in our Community. Your first thread was excellent, meaningful content, and if the solution posted helps you, it will no doubt help countless others, so thank you for taking the time to ask.

We’re also glad to see a post by @10zo - it is always great to see folks research thoroughly before joining. Please let us know if there is anything else we can answer for you.

Thanks to each of you above for contributing your thoughts, questions, and concerns in our Community; and thank you, too, to those who took the time to respond to each one of them.


Another week, another great new batch of Notable Newbies! Warm welcomes to everyone who has made our Community a better place by asking or answering a question, or sharing news or information!

Hi @nlk6567, we’re glad to see that @carlh was able to help you with your question. If you’re having any sort of ongoing issue with unwanted calls, check out his brand new informational post here:

@mrae - Thanks for chiming in when we were working through activations for the new Pixel 2! We hope you are enjoying your new phone. Don’t be shy! Let us know what you like best about it, or if your battery experience matches up with @etphonehome’s experience, here:

Let’s also extend a gracious welcome to @vwf70 who had some questions about using a new phone for a bit without activating it. @vwf70, please let us know if we there is anything else we can do for you, and we’d love to hear from you when you get activated, too!

Welcome (again!) @phyllis! Thanks for your question about our Pop-up Shop. We hope you’ll stop in and say hi, then let our Community know what you think of the shop!

Hi @johnh.jo5bfq, thanks so much for give a kudo in our * Kudo & Win! * thread! Although we’re sorry to read that your phone was destroyed, we’re glad Sean W. was able to help you and relieve some of the stress of the situation. What do you think of your new phone? People often ask us how different models compare, and now you have experience with two of our most popular phones, so weigh in and let us know how they stack up!

Welcome also to @karlih.bzyk9h! Thanks for your patience as we work to bring additional carrier compatibility to the your phone model. Thanks for asking your question in the Community, as there are probably others wondering the same thing, and the conversation will help us all stay in touch on the matter.

And now, something a little different… I’ll step aside for a bit and let @Andi_B welcome some of our other Notable Newbies for this week.


Thanks @southpaw! I’d like say hi to the following new Community members and add to the Notable Newbies list:

Welcome to @kwhitedavis who’s thinking of joining Republic and bringing his S7 as part of our BYOP program. Thanks for asking questions and putting in the time to research before joining. Let us know if you have any other questions, we’d be excited to have you as a member.

We’d like to also say “hi and welcome” to @Bloodycrow (curious as to the story behind that username, if you’d care to share). An inquiry about security for their RW phone brought this individual to Community. We’re glad your fellow Community members were able to get you an answer, and hope to see you again!

@zachp.pkbeyq touched down here in Community a few days ago, looking for some more info about his BYOP device’s compatibility with Republic’s service. We hope you’re able join us soon, please reach out if you have any other questions. Interested to know what your avatar is too. Looks like a drawing of some sort?

A warm welcome to @mindym25 as well! We’re still working on getting a resolution to your question about notifications on your Moto E4, and thank you for bringing your experience to the Community for others to help troubleshoot with you. Hang in there, we’re sure this is something Community can figure out!

Thanks again for stopping in, and thanks to everyone who made them feel welcome!


Thanks! With regards to the username, just an ancient holdover from my teenage days when i wanted something “cool” and “edgy” lol. Never bothered to be creative enough for something new.


Welcome everybody! We are all here for you, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Oh-and don’t be shy! If you see a question you know the answer to or see an interesting discussion, jump right in :slight_smile: .


Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! I appreciate your help trying to figure out my problem.


Ha, makes sense. Funny how these usernames just kind of stick with us… Thanks for sharing!


Happy Halloween Community! :jack_o_lantern: It’s time again for Notable Newbies! @Southpaw kindly handed off this thread to me last week, so here is my first full-fledged attempt at welcoming those who posted for the first time in Community within the past week (luckily, I ate about 9,000 pieces of candy so I will have TONS of energy to sustain me while I write this post):

Our first newbie this week is @karlih.bzyk9h. They came to us this week inquiring about CDMA coverage for their Moto E4. We hope to have the opportunity to open up some more CDMA options soon, and in the meantime please let us know if we can assist with coverage issues via a Help Ticket.

@kimberlyc.npbdeo posted for her first time this week because her son’s phone was delivering text messages differently after she turned off cellular data. We see @rolandh responded to you with some recommendations for how to proceed. Please let us know if your son is still having this issue with his phone. Community would love to help you get to the bottom of this.

A warm welcome to @cliffc.ud6th0! We hope to hear if the issue with your Moto G4 is fixed soon. Community is here to help if you need further assistance.

Welcome to @csichica33 as well! She came to us with some great feedback about the current plans we offer, compared to our older plans. We appreciate your bringing your experience with Republic to Community and sharing what you find valuable with our service. It looks like our Ambassador @amitl was able to answer your question about upgrading and changing plans, but please come back and let us know if any other questions come up as you consider moving to a new device. Are there any phones that have piqued your interest thus far?

“Hi” and “welcome” to @mvaljeanwright! They came to Community for the first time in search of an answer as to why their screen was going black when their phone rings. Thanks for sharing the process with us and letting us know what fixed it. We look forward to seeing you back here again.

@baddogmaine first posted here a couple of days ago in order to get a better idea of typical data usage while streaming. Welcome! Thanks for asking this question and letting us know the rate at which your data was used while streaming over cell. We’re sure others will learn from reading this thread. Hopefully you were able to finish watching the game by some other means?

I’d like to also welcome @devorahs.a0l3ze to Community. They had a specific question about their Nexus 5X and wanted to see if others had a similar experience with their calls and texts not being received. We’d like to thank everyone who chimed in to help give some more context to this issue and hope @devorahs.a0l3ze, you’re able to get a resolution soon. Between Community and our support agents, we’ll do our best to get to the bottom of this.

And last, but certainly not least, a “welcome!” to @nope.kwntgd. They’ve first posted 5 days ago and have been updating the thread as they continue to troubleshoot. Thank you for bringing your question about your Moto E4 to Community and putting in the time beforehand to troubleshoot as well. We know you’ve been working hard with our support team and Community - hang in there and we’ll keep working diligently with you to get this resolved.

Thanks again to all the folks who made these individuals feel welcome and showed them what Community is all about. Everyone have a happy and safe Halloween! :candy::candy::candy::candy::candy:


She’s not kidding! So much candy!! :candy:


Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker

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