Notable Newbies: Welcome!


Hey there Community folks! It’s time again to meet this week’s Newbies! We had some people come in with questions and problem solving issues that needed solutions, as well as some members who posted in general discussions. Lets take a look: posted under our Q&A section because they were receiving multiple prompts to reactivate their phone every 4-5 days. We’re glad you were able to come to the Community and get some help. It looks like you’re on track to get this resolved via a Help ticket, but please return and let us know if you need further assistance.

@edwardmartin1 posted in our savings thread:

@edwardmartin1 What are some of your favorites? We’ve got some top-notch breweries here in Raleigh! Trophy is pretty great :beers:

@codyd.pta2z2 posted this week about moving their Moto X 2nd gen to another carrier. @cbwahlstrom was able to answer your question, we hope you’re able to get over to your new carrier successfully. Let the Community know if we can help!

@Mrupp43 also posted in our Question & Answer category about moving their Chrome icon on their home screen and got a solution from another Community member. We’re hoping you’re enjoying your X4!

@maggiec.djt9hp wrote in a longstanding thread about past phones, because she misses her flip phone. Sorry we’re not able to offer those throwbacks, but let the Community know if you’re interested in any of our newer devices, we’re always happy to offer insight.

@Badger came to Community looking for a better alternative to their Moto X Pure. Our other members have teamed up to suggest new devices, as well as possible solutions to the headaches your X Pure is causing. We’ll be eager to hear what new phone you land on!

Last but not least, @dianm.l4c0na is still working with us to resolve an issue with her G5 Plus not receiving calls properly. Hang in there! We’ll keep working with you to get a resolution.

Thanks to all who took the time to read through this weeks post, and thanks to those who welcomed these Newbies. I’ll be back next week with more!



Happy Tuesday Community! :tada: I’m a bit later than usual, but here are this past week’s Newbies! Commence with your applause for them! :clap:

@davidmshah came to our Question and Answer category because Republic Anywhere was not working on Note 8 after the latest Android OS update. After a suggestion from @TheDoctor, a quick uninstall/reinstall. Thanks for circling back and letting us know what worked. That always maximizes the Community efforts.

@velociraptor is planning to travel out of the country, and asked about setting an automatic text reply for their service while they’re out gone and unable to respond. Our members were able to offer some alternatives, hopefully between Anywhere and IfTTT, Zapier, etc. , you’ll be able to find a solution.

@memyselfandiandall commented on the announcement: New! Quickly Block Unknown Calls from the Republic Wireless App , because they’ve been seeing an influx of spam calls. We appreciate you bringing this up and allowing others who are having similar issues to weigh in. We know spam calls are incredibly frustrating hope to alleviate some of our members’ concerns with this new feature.
@ejlane also posted in this announcement in order to help and get clarification from a fellow member in the thread. Thanks for jumping in and joining the conversation, making sure you we’re aware of the full context.

@donnas.ju599y needed some help troubleshooting and posted in our Problem Solving category that keeps displaying the error message “Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls”. Please let us know if you need further assistance once you’ve worked with our agents in your Help ticket.

@kylebucklin also sought assistance from the Community because they keep receiving calls from an individual claiming he’s calling them. This is likely spam, as @drm186 suggested, but if you’d like to have our technicians look further into it, please submit a Help ticket.

@brentb.pu0hhm posted a suggestion to improve voicemail. He was able to work through some solutions with @rolandh, and was then selected as a random prize winner in our Love Our Members thread. Thanks again for working with your fellow Community members and letting them know they were helpful.

We had an individual post in the Community this week, who is interested in joining Republic. Welcome to @AdLiB! We hope the responses you received will help you make the switch to RW. Please let the Community know if you have other questions that come up and we’ll be happy to help!

Another troubleshooter this week was @paul, who was having trouble connecting to his work WiFi for making calls. Please continue keeping us posted, we’re eager to learn what is causing this.

@stevil2001 posted because their voice has suddenly gotten difficult to hear on their Moto G 1st Gen. We’re glad to hear you were able to self-solve this issue Macgyver-style!

@Yujnhsd popped into Community yesterday to comment on the thread Google Datally: A new data management app. Thanks for sharing your experience with other apps in comparison.

Hi and welcome to @moose, who needed assistance fixing the sound on their G5 Plus which suddenly stopped working. Hang in there and keep troubleshooting with us, we’ll be sure to get you a resolution.

I’d like to also thank @charless.lgzled for posting and commenting in our My Choice Plans thread. He is a fan of the Refund plan and has chosen to look for a new carrier now that his phone has kicked-the-bucket. We appreciate you sharing your experience with the Community. Best of luck and please let the us know if we can assist with the transition to your new carrier.

As always, many thanks to those who jumped in and responded to these folks. I’ll be back next week for our first Newbies post in March! :calendar:



Hi all! I’ve got your Newbies for this first week of March. Please join me in welcoming the following individuals that came roaring in like :lion:s:

@calvins posted this week for the first time because they are using data rapidly, and their WiFi keeps dropping. We’re ready to help you out and look into this. Please let the Community know in a new post what’s going on so we can focus on getting a resolution.

@JedTheKrampus also posted, in hopes that RW will introduce the Galaxy S9 to it’s lineup. We don’t have anything we can disclose, but let us know if you’d like help troubleshooting the WiFi connectivity issues you’re having.

@HG315 is trying to pair their E 2nd Gen. to a cordless phone, and sought advice from the Community a couple of days ago. It looks like you got a couple of responses from members, we’ll see what we can do to help you out with this.

@adrianneg sought help because she is also having connectivity issues with her Nexus 6P. We agree that submitting a Help ticket would be the way to go for this issue, but we appreciate you doing the preliminary research with your fellow Community members.

@vince5251 posted in our General Discussions category due to the new(to him) requirement to include an area code in all of his outbound calls with RW service. We’re glad to see other members joining in with explanations for why this is, and possible workarounds. Please let us know if you end up using the app suggested, and how you like it.

Last but not least, @ira413 posted for the first time today in our Kudo & Win topic. Thanks for participating in this feedback thread. We gain a lot of insight from these posts, and they allow us to give recognition to our hard-working support squad!

It was a short, but still very impactful list of Newbies this week. We thank you all for joining us in the lively conversations that occur here in Community, and hope to see you again! Many thanks to those steadfast, non-newbies that helped these folks out!

Until next time!



And we’re back! We’ve got several Notable Newbies that I’d like to extend a welcome to this week. These individuals posted for the first time in the past 7 days, be it in search of technical support/assistance, to ask questions about RW’s service, or to introduce themselves to the Community:

@gracef posted in @louisdi’s thread about unlocked phone compatibility. Thanks for taking the time to research and ask your fellow Community members prior to purchasing a phone.

@RogerTDJ chimed in on a thread from a few months ago about the Essential Phone PH-1 in order to clear up some questions about the compatibility-checking process. It looks like a couple of members were able to address your questions. We don’t have plans to support that phone, but we hope your understanding of how phone compatibility at Republic works has improved through conversation with the Community.

@michael.dunkerton was able to work through the issue of being limited when on their work WiFi. We’re glad the suggestions offered worked. Thanks for circling back and letting us know you were back in working-order!

@Sandy needed assistance with WiFi settings. We’re still prepared to help with this. Just let us know if you need further assistance fixing the settings on your E4.

@zahraf asked about changing phones and updating their number in this post. It looks like our Community members were able to steer you in right direction and offer some alternatives. Best of luck moving to the new phone, and please keep us posted if you need help transitioning over anything else. posted expressing his wish to budget data, as was possible in the earlier days of RW. We appreciate you bringing this to the table for others to weigh in. While it’s not possible with current versions of the RW app, other Community members, like @littletoucan were able to offer their methods for managing data.

@logann.mhezgb needed assistance while switching to a new provider that is asking for APN settings. If you’re still having trouble moving over, let the Community know- we’re here to help!

@Rick1 came to our Q&A category because he was automatically assigned a non-local number upon activating his phone. We’re glad you were able to get a solution- a number change request should do the trick.

@xren posted in our Greetings and Introductions thread, this past week and has been with Republic for 2 years! Thanks for sharing and coming out of the shadows to post. @mwc also posted in our introductions thread. Thanks to you as well, for letting the Community know a bit about yourself! :slight_smile:

Last but not least, @mhvt sought some troubleshooting assistance from the Community because text messages from a family member were showing the wrong phone number. Please let us know if switching to Anywhere helps, as well as if the other steps suggested resolve the issue.

That’s all for this week. We had 11 awesome members contribute and we are so thankful they did! We hope they come back whenever they need help, or just want to get to know the Community a bit better :slight_smile: I’ll be back in a week with some more newbies. Can’t wait! :star2:



Good morning all! In a career-first move, I’m posting this week’s Newbies before lunchtime :sandwich: (in an effort to not be late for my volleyball practice this evening :grimacing:)!

Please take a moment to read this over and welcome these individuals:

@LukeInTX posted in an established thread about temporarily stopping service, as he will be out of the country for a couple months. Per your fellow member, that shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for checking the Community, welcome, and have a great time in Thailand!

@copperhamster created a thread in our Question & Answers section, asking if they can bring an Amazon G5 Plus to RW. Let us know if we can answer any more questions, sounds like you’re all set up with your SIM card too.

@jason152318 also started a thread in the same Q&A section, hoping to get some insight as to which underlying carrier he has. If at any point after activating the phone you have poor coverage, you can always reach out to the Community or our Help team. Thanks for taking the time to research and ask questions prior to purchasing.

@jenifert.pi512s was able to solve a problem she was having with an error message about her SIM card. She was unable to send texts, but with the help of the Community, she fixed it. We appreciate you troubleshooting with us and then following up with the solution. This may help other readers of the Community who have the same problem in the future.

@christineg.uoqrfx is a newbie who wanted to know how she could transfer her number over to Republic. If you still need assistance let us know- we’re here to help! Welcome to RW!

@russellcurrier is a Community newbie, who was gracious enough to share his story with us. For those of you who haven’t yet, be sure to check out his interview post, Member Spotlight: Russell Currier US Olympian, in which he describes what it’s like being an olympic biathlete! A tremendous amount of thanks to Russell for coming to the the forums answering his fellow Community members’ questions. Makes me wonder, if we have any other especially accomplished folks who’d like to share their stories with us :thinking:

And last, but never-to-be-considered-least, @stephenm.mzbolr stopped by yesterday to troubleshoot and discuss moving his RW SIM to another phone. Thanks to @drm186 for responding and pointing him in the right direction. We’ll be here if you have any other questions. Feel free to run the phone you’re considering buying by us, and we’ll do what we can to verify it’s compatible.

That’s all for this week. It’s so great to see these folks coming out and engaging here in the RW Community. It’s even more assuring to see long-standing members help them out and fuel the conversations. Thanks to all of you! Until next time!



Hi y’all! Welcome to another week! Yep, if you’re thinking it’s pretty late and looking like Notable Newbies isn’t going to happen this week, blame me because I’ve saved this for the night owls. :owl:

We’ll start the welcome wagon rolling along its merry path this week with a friendly :wave: to @tdepke who had a question for @dezignpro04 about a dual-SIM phone. @tdepke, we hope you were able to get the information you needed, and we thank you for checking the Community as you think about your next phone.

We’d also like to welcome aboard @alboek who posted in Community to ask about texting from a Samsung J3 and learned that on Republic’s network, texting will not work on the default Samsung texting app, but will work with Android messages :messages: or Republic Anywhere :anywhere: . He had an answer in less than an hour :timer: thanks to @louisdi, who can always be counted when there are problems to be solved. @alboek, we hope things go smoothly for you now on your J3, and we hope to continue seeing you in Community.

We’ll send a bittersweet :crying_cat_face: welcome to @bonton whose first post in Community was in departure. We were able to clear up some confusion about porting out to Cricket, who won’t accept our phone numbers, but oh how we wish you had posted earlier - a simple replacement SIM card might very well have spared you the need to leave. We hope you’ve found your way to a carrier that meets your needs and maybe you can check back with us in the future.

Our welcome wagon rolls on with a hearty welcome to @skylark.kqgywk who had a little unspecified mishap :see_no_evil: that resulted in a question on replacing a SIM card. Here’s hoping you’re back in business with a fresh SIM card now, and please stop in again!

Here’s a hearty hello to @tinal.xbclgy who posted after experiencing some trouble with apps on the phone. @tinal.xbclgy, we would love to help if you are still needing anything. It looks like our Community Experts were able to help in a messaging session from our help pages, but if you still need need assistance, please don’t hesitate to come on back and finish your conversation in Community. We’ll be here! :hugs:

@Y2me joined our Community with some lively debate :fire: about hotspots and our competitors. We applaud your passion for seeking out Wi-Fi! :clap: and hope you’ll have more options in your area in the not-too-distant future.

@bwram1 broke the “first-time-poster” ice with some questions about plans. We appreciate your taking the time to pin down the details, and we’re delighted to see @cbwahlstrom gave you reliable answers.

@Gabe72 checked in to get his facts straight as he takes over his wife’s hand-me-down phone. It’s good to see that our Community was able to give you the info you need. Please let us know if you have any further questions :question: as you get your and your wife’s phones set up.

@brandonv.kjfety (say that three times fast) popped in to ask how to cancel an order. Our online store is not set up for cancellations once the order processes, but we appreciate the chance to help you with instructions to return the phone un-activated. We hope you’re able to get everything worked out, but please let us know if you need any additional help.

Everyone please be sure to give our newest newbie, @valeries.lhjso4 a hearty hello. Not only making a first post, but also giving a first like, that’s a great way to join the conversation! We hope to see @valeries.lhjso4 back in Community soon!

That’s the end of the welcome wagon trail this week, and we look forward to meeting more newbies next week. Take a moment to say hi to our newest community members and make them feel at home. :house_with_garden:

I’d also like to extend my sincere gratitude to the not-so-newbies who are here daily, making sure everyone gets reliable answers and the help they need. :green_heart:



Seven days since we last visited the list of Notable Newbies. Let’s take a moment to welcome those who have recently posted for the first time.

Salut, jeanclaudel.vlvq2f ! We’re glad to see you exploring our service as a solution as you prepare for a trip to the US. Sorry to see that your phone doesn’t appear to be compatible with our service. We wish you a fabulous trip! (Perhaps @rolandh might have some other ideas for affordable coverage while you’re here.)

Hello to @Stevorso and @thealgals, and thanks for your interest in Relay! We’re looking forward to telling you even more about this exciting new product, and we’re delighted to see your interest!

Welcome @Majorninth, and thanks for taking the time to ask good questions before making your purchase! Please let us know what you end up deciding!

@rworthy13 and @crystalj.lnetxx, sorry it took a temporary outage to bring you to Community for the first time. Looks like the issue has now been resolved, but I hope we’ll see you here again.

@goldenmind dropped in to get some problem-solving advice about Anywhere on a Windows 10 PC. We hope you’ll follow up in your thread with additional details! Feedback like yours helps us improve.

A good question was posed by @unioncreek, who is using satellite service for Wi-Fi. We’d love to see other thoughts from anyone with a satellite Wi-Fi provider in his Can you turn off wifi if cell service is available? topic.

Thanks to @rustyh.xh9rva for a quick question about having a phone verified by the IRS. Thanks also to @louisdi for a quick answer! I knew just what to answer when Mr. Southpaw posed the same question at home this week!

@davidd202005 asked about avoiding Wi-Fi usage in Samasung galaxy s8+ avoid data usage. Let us know what you may have been trying to avoid exactly, as we may have some very specific solutions depending on your circumstances.

Welcome to @stanfluteart, and thanks for asking about No setting to receive email to SMS? so our Community could point you to the setting. Now I’m very curious to know more about your username!

Let’s all welcome our newest Community members, as well as offer a kind “thank you” to the long-time members who graciously answer questions from everyone. :green_heart:



Yes, by now you’re wondering… where is that witty @Andi_B and her well-timed Welcome posts?! Has @southpaw sabotaged her colleague because her posts were getting more likes? Did @southpaw send a herd of hungry :goat: emoji to chew up @Andi_B’s keyboard?

No! None of that! No computer hardware items have been damaged and no harm has befallen my friend @Andi_B! Instead, she’s busy creating a new welcoming space in our sister Community, the new Relay Neighborhood. Drop in there and say, “Hi” to @Andi_B in the Relay Greetings and Introductions topic, and check out the excitement that’s building about Republic Wireless’ newest product.

Meanwhile, this has been an interesting week in our Republic Member Community. We’ve seen just over a dozen people post for the first time. For those of you who have been participating in Community for a while, you may wonder what the big deal is about a first post, but with our Community receiving over 15,000 pageviews a day (excluding those automated 'bots that scan websites all the time), posting publicly can be intimidating to some.

Let’s welcome our newest friends. @brittany.roberts, searched and found a topic already related to her issue, and joined the conversation there. We hope the reply by @Seanr was helpful, but if there’s anything further we can answer, please let us know.

Likewise, @Kmvb joined an existing conversation, to voice an interest in iPhones. Thanks for the feedback! Right now we’re firmly based in Android, but we have some talented engineers in the building, so there’s always a chance that could change.

@faithb.8wjakv opened a new topic to ask about customizing ringtones. @drm186 was able to provide a quick answer. @faithb.8wjakv, we hope we’ll see you again! Maybe you can come back and tell us more about the customized ringtones you use.

Welcome also to @janetg.s0ju2l who is a longtime Republic member posting for the first time due to some issues with roaming. We hope you have been able to get that matter squared away, but please let us know if there is anything further we need to do for you.

Hello to @vivekm.ngh7u8, @charliek.vvfx4w, and @whickcar133, who joined our Community to chat with @Victoria.S about Relay. For those who have not read Victoria’s posts, make sure you check out A Look Inside Relay, the Smart Walkie-Talkie by Republic Wireless and A Look Inside Relay: The Design Journey.

@georgep.ilhwow posted for the first time in response to our announcement about an update for the Samsung S7. Welcome, we’re glad you were able to get the update to load!

We first heard from @elizabethb.tr7aqx as she shared a concern about the security of our phone numbers against those who would acquire them as a way to then access your bank account. We have protection in place in the form of a PIN and E-mail alerts of attempts to port the number. More details are available here: How Do I Prevent an Unauthorized Transfer of My Phone Number to a Different Carrier? – Republic Help
@elizabethb.tr7aqx, please let us know if you have any lingering concerns.

@stephenr.x8ippp brought us a question about location permissions on the camera app. Thanks for giving the Community a chance to answer this question! It will help many others with the same privacy concerns.

We’d like to extend a warm greeting to @eliz616a who had a question that sounds very much like a new SIM card could make a world of difference. We hope she’ll follow up with our Support team to get that taken care of.

A special greeting, too, to @fritzdekatt who took the time to highlight some concerns about the ordering process. We’re looking forward to making some improvements, and we appreciate your feedback.

We’re glad that @Mc_C has taken the time to troubleshoot an error on his Moto G5+. I hope the Community can soon get this sorted out for you.

Although it was not the best of circumstances, we’re glad @morganr.ugi0pj brought a question about getting past the lock screen without a keyboard to our Community. We’re terribly relieved you were able to get that solved and not have to factory reset the phone!

Welcome also to @wiggles.sngwqw who has experienced a roadblock with Viber. @wiggles.sngwqw, please be persistent with them. We’ve seen them validate Republic Wireless numbers in the past, so we know they can do it. Please let us know how it turns out.

A very special and warm welcome to @ken who introduced himself as a geezer, yet still managed to do something many people here never catch on how to do - create a personal username! @ken en was able to sort through advice from some of our Community members and turn off some of the notifications on his phone. @ken please let us know if you have other questions, we’re glad you’re here!

I’ll have to invoke the “it’s still Tuesday, somewhere” rule so @Andi_B doesn’t get mad at me for the delay in getting this posted. I might be late, but the welcome to those who have posted for the first time is heartfelt, as is the ongoing gratitude to those who are here day in and day out to provide answers, enjoy conversation, build friendships, and even have some fun. :green_heart:



What’s this? What is this herd of :goat:s doing where my desk used to be?? Now I have no computer AND a lot of cleaning up to do…



We moved our weekly Notable Newbies post to Wednesday this week, just to see if anyone noticed, and whaddya know, there was no outcry! :scream_cat: Imagine that! Must be the threat of goats keeping you in line. :goat:

Despite the delay, we are delighted to welcome this weeks newest members into our Community. Please give each one an encouraging :wave:.

Welcome first of all, to @UnlimitedExcess, who has a great username (especially if you’re thinking about :moneybag: or maybe :chocolate_bar:). Thanks for adding your input on other great phones you’d like to see us support.

We’re also glad to see @williams.lxzu1o who posted a question others may wonder about:

Fortunately we’re not impacted by the end of this interesting arrangement.

@baltojo wrote to tell us about some battery and charging issues seen since an update to Nougat. If you have a phone on Nougat, think about whether you might have any advice to share in this thread.

We also welcome @Dryke, who joined a thread about Wi-Fi connectivity issues to point to some content specific to the Moto G5+. Thanks for sharing that informative link!

@meganm.bx4xn1, @christinah.hdbwye, @sheebaw.gj8mbc, @sagem.wtvmeu, @ben11roboitcs0, and @corrys.lqjxwr, brought some troubleshooting questions to the Community. Some were solved here by our very helpful Community members, and some were worked through and determined to need technical assistance from our support team. Please let us know if there is anything further you need.

@curtc inquired about international calling. Travel safely!

We want to thank @chrisp for taking the time to write a review, and ask for a recommendation! Next time you sign into Community, @chrisp, DM me, we have something for you. :gift:

@New2RepublicWireless wrote in with some concerns about all the updates required for a new phone, right out of the box. We hope things have settled down and you’re enjoying your new phone now.

@eleanord, sorry to see that your phone screen was shattered and the phone you were given was not compatible with our service. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

We also want to thank @maciv4 for letting our Community answer a question about an odd experience. Like E-mail spam, phone spammers use increasingly unscrupulous methods that annoy us all but aren’t necessarily a cause for concern. It’s great to have members like @louisdi and @rolandh who are willing to help us understand these things.

That’s all I have for this week in the Notable Newbies department! Welcome to all those who have recently joined, and if you’ve joined but haven’t posted yet, please don’t be shy!



It’s time to extend a warm weekly welcome to our freshest crop of Notable Newbies!

First, @loindexter dropped in to ask a question about a Pixel 2. We’re eager to know if you were able to snag that great deal! :heavy_dollar_sign:

@trevor chimed in to add some frank feedback on wanting to be able to add data from the Account portal. Thank you @trevor, we hear you! :ear:

We also heard from @Mercutio, who added to an existing conversation about Microsoft Launcher to see if anyone else had noticed that the “Favorites” screen had gone missing. :thinking: If anyone knows how to bring that back, please chime in on that thread.

In Old phone inoperable, how do I transfer service and keep the refund plan?, @ryanb.keyztr asked how Mom’s phone might be replaced without changing plans. @ryanb.keyztr please let us know if there’s anything further we can do to help.

I’m so glad @spurs18 joined a conversation about our goof on a recent promotion, and gave us the opportunity to honor the promotion! We are not perfect, but we always appreciate the opportunity to make things right when we do make a mistake. @red58impala took the time to create the conversation that brought the matter to our attention. Even though you didn’t want to follow through so we could help, we appreciate that you brought up the matter, since doing so helped out another member.

@coleywhite came to the right place when storage became an issue on a Moto E (2nd Gen). Thanks to @cbwahlstrom for pointing to an excellent resource on that matter.

Less than ideal circumstances brought @plujon to our Community. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

@michelled.v86jk6 dropped in for a little advice on activating a new phone. Please let us know if you’re all settled into that new phone with your old number!

Thanks to @beachb for quickly answering a question for @vaniqua.gdqdas about deleting text messages! :zap:

Where’s @waldo3? He’s over in Will the Huawei Ascend XT2 be supported! Thanks for letting us know of your interest in this phone.

@davids.1zkg7d is experiencing trouble sending text messages when away from Wi-Fi, and we’re awaiting his reply in Text messages only work while on wifi to continue troubleshooting.

Our most recent Notable Newbie is @ambatig.dxpkvj who asked about a Moto e4plus plus heating issue. @ambatig.dxpkvj, I see a lot of concern for you from our members. Please do check in with Motorola and let us know what they determine.

As much as I enjoy welcoming our newest voices in the Community, it’s always just as much a delight to see others in our Community responding to so many of these questions and concerns. This wouldn’t be a Member Community without this kind of giving spirit! If you’ve been visiting our Community for a while and have never posted, don’t be shy! Join in the conversation! :green_heart:



Is it time for another mid-week welcome to our Notable Newbies. If you’re a Community regular, please take a moment to greet someone new!

We’ve had some questions about orders and shipping lately. @cleidef.fvt8yp, @christineh.qzoesp, and @debuflaunt checked in with us when orders took longer than expected. We appreciate your patience as we deal with occasional delays in our fulfillment process. :truck: Once those orders arrive, we hope to hear from you again to let us know what you think!

We welcome @asgdep.fwvl7q, who chimed in on Feature request - add support for pauses. Thanks for the feedback!

Likewise, in the feature-request department, thank you @Tom1 for adding your voice in the current conversation on wanting the ability to disable :voicemail: voicemail: Disable voicemail for republic wireless phone.

Speaking of feature requests, we appreciate @dermorgen’s feedback about our Anywhere app :anywhere: in our Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread. Thanks for speaking up with your ideas!

We welcome @sophiel.m2ocqs who challenged the Community with a problem-solving topic in Moto E4 plus - keep losing wifi at home. @sophiel.m2ocqs, we hope you’ll let us know if this is solved. Your last reply sounded optimistic! :smiley_cat:

We also heard from @don72762, who asked for some clarity about ordering our SIM card, currently on promotion for free, with one free shipping method available. Thanks to @mb2x and @SpeedingCheetah for providing quick, reliable answers!

Instead of “Welcome” we’ll say “Farewell” to @ericez, whose first post in Community was providing some valuable feedback on the cancellation process. Thanks, @ericez for taking the time to write that up.

We also appreciate @thomasn.4rlah8 who wrote in to share an experience he felt had improved his battery’s performance :battery: on an older phone.

We certainly hope everything is now squared away for @melindar.fovemb, who was having some difficulty with the steps that had been provided to refresh the republic activation. @melindar.fovemb, please let us know if you’re still needing help.

@TheDoctor gave advice when @markg86 joined our Community to ask for help a Samsung Galaxy J7. @markg86, is everything working yet?

@anitab.cvpx0k gave us a different perspective on Relay, a new product by Republic Wireless. @anitab.cvpx0k, it sounds like you and your husband are tackling some of life’s challenges head on, and we wish you the best.

We also welcome @lauram.77 to our Community. @lauram.77 first wrote in when troubled by an extended wait on her support ticket while trying to activate a replacement phone. It looks like that issue has now been resolved, and we appreciate your patience during a high support volume incident.

@catchick666 reported a Moto E4 that has stopped working. Were you able to get that solved?! Please don’t hesitate to open a ticket if you’d like our support team to troubleshoot further.

That wraps up another week of new usernames in Community as more of our Republic members share concerns, request features, troubleshoot, and share tips. Thanks to all those long-time members who regularly stand by to offer answers. :green_heart:



Hi… Well, I received my new SIM card yesterday in the mail, installed it, and my old number should be transferred by this evening.

Everything is fine.

Thank you for your information and help, everyone!




I’m back with a special Thursday edition of Notable Newbies. Thursday editions are way better than Tuesday or Wednesday editions because: :tada: :gift: :tada:

This has been a busy week in our Community with a 24% increase in user visits and a 67% increase in new Community member account creation. We’ll attribute some of that increase to some shipping delays that had people rightfully wondering where their order was, and some to an E-mail and Community conversation with our CEO sharing an update on the launch of our new product, Relay. Let’s commence with the welcoming of those new Community members who made their first post.

A warm welcome to @christopherl.albdmz, @LaKirBretonne, @matayao.dttgqn, @davids.nrtor5, @OTown, @craigsmint, @nitewind, @WesMasterson, and @nancyp.lnchl6. Each of you made your first Community post as you waited for delayed orders from our online store. I believe everyone is taken care of, but if not, remind me! It was a pleasure to get to work with each one of you to get these questions answered, and we hope you’ll continue to be a part of our online Community.

Some of our newest Community participants were letting us know about some trouble with text message delivery. We had a brief delay on message delivery last night, which is now resolved. New Community members @peteb.ph2s9i, @matthewd.t2esrt, please let us know if your issues persist. Thanks to existing Community members @carolinem, @craigp.l94blv, and others who chimed in quickly last night to let us know you were experiencing this trouble. Due to your quick reporting and @mb2x’s quick interactions with our technicians on the matter, we were able to quickly identify the cause and resolve it. Your Community participation made a big difference for all our members last night.

Hello and welcome to @michellec.theones whose issue challenged even our top Community router guru @jben. @michellec.theones, I don’t see a ticket from you about your Moto X and Wi-Fi connectivity. Please do let us know if you’re still needing help with that matter.

International questions are a popular topic lately. @Caspian started an intriguing conversation about using a phone internationally. You have several people interested in answering your question, we hope you’ll come back and finish that conversation! @hkarine had a question about using a phone in China. We welcome both of you to our Community and wish you save travels! :airplane:

We’d also like to welcome @Mellowdjh who had a question about account access. I’ve checked in on your ticket and it looks like our team was able to help you, but they are awaiting your reply if you should need any further assistance. Thanks for posting in Community to so we could point you in the right direction!

Greetings to @peterkmiami who just needed some clarification about using our phones in various coverage areas. We hope you’ll write and let us know what you decide to do, and how it works out for you.

@catchick666 checked in with us for some troubleshooting advice on a phone that quit working. It looks like a warranty replacement may be the only option. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

We appreciate @brannon510 who took the time to confirm a phone was compatible before purchasing it. We also appreciate @drm186 for providing an answer, and @louisdi for the indispensable resource: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone to give members to confidence to buy those BYOP phones. We love anything that helps our members save money, and a BYOP phone can be a great deal. Sometimes, though, the deal may be too good to be true!

@Mjstarrett22 posted a question, but for some reason it was hidden from public view. I’ve move it to our #QA category, and I trust some of our Community members will hop right in with helpful advice.

We warmly welcome those who visited and posted in our Community for the first time with feedback, criticism, or concerns about our new product, Relay. This list includes @erikl.dvgpsm, @Saved, @sonyah.k0sdpo, and @benjaminhoward. Thanks for your candor, questions, and concern. Feedback like yours helps us shape our products.

And last but not least, we’d like to thank all those who came to our Community for the first time in response to the E-mail sent by our CEO @Chris.Chuang and posted encouraging words, votes of confidence, and enthusiasm for our new product! Your feedback helps keep us energized! We’re very excited about Relay, but having such an equally excited response from our members means a lot to those who have put in extra hours bringing this concept to reality. @jackief.igz52d, @lauram.fynyeb, @Gvthnx, @DelawareDiamondLil, and @rjsp in particular, we love your enthusiasm that you would make your first Community post to say such nice things about Relay, and if you five would like to wear that enthusiasm, we’d be delighted to send you a Relay T-shirt. :tshirt: I’ll DM you each privately to get shipping and size details.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week, this would be a pretty boring place without you!



Please help me extend a warm Community welcome to the latest Notable Newbies. We’re always glad to see new faces. I’m going to mix this week up a bit, with our usual round-up of folks who just joined and made their first post, but I’ll also call out a few others, so stay with me to the end.

Welcome to @dianeo.xr64hi who worked through seeing a “voice calls only notification”. I still need to follow up with you on connecting to your school Wi-Fi, and haven’t forgotten.

We’re glad to see @Caspian asking questions about using a Republic phone with an international SIM card. It’s always good to see people thinking ahead and planning carefully! Safe travels! :airplane:

Nice to see a drive-by post from @slangintacos :taco: who is with another carrier, but seeing a similar problem as some of our Community members. @slangintacos, let us know if we can send you out a SIM card so you try Republic :wink: and thanks for chiming in!

@sarab.vl63q0 had a question about data use. Thank you to @drm186 and @cbwahlstrom for providing quick, reliable answers!

@PlaneTherapist was able to answer a question from @nancym.m2kooy about closing the Republic Anywhere app. Spoiler alert, @jben:

Exit and Logout are options in the “Conversations” menu item in a future version of the app.

@meisamf, thanks for posting your question about activating your Pixel 2, we hope you have it up and running now. Please let us know what you think of it! It’s quite a leap from a Moto X (1st Gen) to the Pixel 2!

A welcoming pat on the back to @farmergary who both asked and answered his own question about finding the apps on a new phone. Sometimes you have to wonder if there’s an Android development team whose sole purpose is to keep us confused! :thinking:

We hope @Dbahelms was able to get a replacement phone activated, and we thank @SpeedingCheetah for providing a link to the appropriate Help Center article. @Dbahelms please let us know if you still need assistance!

We’re delighted to see @ntjess making use of the invaluable work of @louisdi to confirm phone compatibility. We hope you’ll let the Community know if you do bring a compatible phone to Republic!

@adampatrickweigel and @jaredl.yc1x9b chimed in seeking help with a “Voice Calls only” notification. Please let us know if that issue has persisted!

@ericjaco let us know he likes the Moto E4, except for a few issues. We’re here to help if those few things have lingered.

We welcome @mbabbe who experienced some unusual app behavior on the Anywhere app after overseas travel. I think RW needs to send me overseas to do some investigation on this issue. :palm_tree:

It’s a pleasure to see @stephanied.ffxjq8 in our Community. We’ve replied to your questions, followed up in your ticket, and are waiting with fingers crossed to hear that everything is working now.

Also in the first-post-ever club, we welcome @valg who had some questions about trying to use an older Moto G while driving for Lyft. :oncoming_automobile: @valg, let us know if you decide to upgrade!

@Joy joined us to let us know she’s waiting for a response on a ticket. Thank you for letting us know, and thank you to @c1tobor and @jben for making sure the ticket gets the attention it deserves.

And last but not least @alternety joined us with a good-natured post of all manner of activation and new-phone questions. Thanks for your sense of humor as you learn to use your new phone! We’re glad you’re a part of the Community and we hope to see you around frequently. It won’t be long before you’re answering questions rather than asking them!

:fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:

Now for some different “Newbies!” We’re going to celebrate some newly acquired “badges.” That’s right, our Community doesn’t have points, but you can earn badges for accomplishing different tasks or reaching specific milestones. Here are some of the latest badges earned in our Community:

@leggypipscomb earned her Editor Badge, and is our 850th member to figure out how to edit a post!

@Bovinia is the latest person to earn the Certified Badge for completing the new user tutorial. @Bovinia, now that you know your way around the Community, we can’t wait to see you join in the conversations! Why not start here:

@dougk.xp0grx received several badges recently, including:

@rolandh is one of only two people (@seanr was first) to earn the Devotee Badge - awarded for visiting our Community for 365 consecutive days.

@leggypipscomb, @Bovinia, @dougk.xp0grx, and @rolandh, I’ll be sending you each a Taco Bell gift card. Watch for a personal (non-public) message from me so I can get your address.

:fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:

As always, we appreciate all those who are participating in our Member Community. Asking questions, answering questions, writing reviews, sharing interesting tips and tricks… even just joking around. Sometimes you don’t realize, because we see a lot of the same people participating daily, just how large your impact is. Today alone we’ve had 10,761 anonymous pageviews - people (not bots) reading the forum without signing in. A question you asked, an answer you gave, a review you wrote, or a tip you suggested has very likely helped someone, even if no one “liked” the post or signed in to say so. Thank you. :green_heart:



:sunglasses: Clever way of sneaking in and announcement (and making sure I see it) :heart_eyes:



Thank you @southpaw for the kind welcome :cow: :purple_heart:



It’s time for another round-up of Notable Newbies. I hope you’re paying attention, these new badge earners are fun to catch by surprise :boom:

We’ll start by welcoming the newest Community members who joined and posted.

@Bentley, thanks for asking your question about using callwithus. Looks like your question has been answered and some additional, valuable insight has been provided. Let us know if you have any further questions.

@kansascitysaltmine had a quick question on porting a number in that was promptly and accurately answered by @louisdi with a quick follow-up tip by @rolandh. We hope to hear from you again! Maybe you can drop in and explain that great username to us.

We’re glad to see @Chuck_BW, @TopherBrowne, and @krinkle in Community. It doesn’t go unnoticed when a promotional offer is so important to our members that they take the time to sign into Community and post for the first time. Thank you for your feedback.

@Betty2018 asked a question about the need for an internet connection to make calls. We welcome you to our Online Community. Please let us know if you still have questions!

We had an interesting question from @michaels.xojwln about using non-supported phones. We hope you’ll revisit your topic and tell us more. Maybe the Community will have some alternate ideas for you. Is there a certain phone you have your sights on?

@ebayed55 posted for the first time seeking help with an issue. Please do let us know if you have resolved it yet!

@Kenny joined our Community to ask a question about moving a number. Please let us know how you like your new phone!

We’re glad to see @Donna asking a question in Community, but would love to hear from her again to know that she got things straightened out. @Donna, please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

Please join me in welcoming these newest Community members, and in thanking those who have taken the time to give them the answers they needed.


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