Note 20: How to restrict data?

I’ve searched the forums for info on restricting data usage on Galaxy Note 10, which I used when I first bought that phone, but I no longer see it. Samsung has the data floodgates wide open by default so this info was helpful as a checklist. If this information is still available I would really appreciate someone posting it for me. When I go out to test cellular I will test data in general, but then I will turn it off in the Republic app, otherwise, it will use at least 30% of my data within an hour or two, based on my Note 10 experience.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @apples2androids,

I’m sorry I didn’t see this post in our early-adopters category earlier. I did reply to the DM you sent me, but will also post the info here in case others are looking for it.

I think you may be remembering this blog post:

which also kind of lives in Community at

There’s also this Help Article:

(Note that the list of apps has tabs, so there’s a lot more there than it initially looks like.)
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